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How to Change Meta Tags in WordPress

Meta tags are HTML elements used in websites to provide metadata about each particular page. Meta tags are made up of four attributes -- content, http-equiv, name and scheme. They can be used for various purposes, such as redirecting visitors to different pages, providing more information about the

How to Secure a Netgear Wireless Network

Enabling the security features on your Netgear wireless modem helps to keep your online network free from individuals snooping for private data or a free Internet connection point. Accomplish this by using the security menu in your Netgear modem to set up WPA (wi-fi protected access) protection, sec

Don't Use Flash This Way

Flash websites are very popular with designers who want to show off their Flash skills or just include animation and dynamic websites without needing server-side programming skills. But there are good ways to implement Flash on your site and bad ways. This article describes some of the bad ways you

Design Your Web Infrastructure Wisely

It is a well known fact that running mission-critical business applications on the web requires a well thought of hosting technology deployment across the organization. Small, Medium and Large organizations thrive on hosting technology to ...

How to Restore & Restyle Safari

Safari is Apple Computer's native web browsing software available standard on new Apple computers and as a download for other operating systems. Prior to Safari's development, Apple computers relied on Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Today, Safari is a modern customiz

Cod Ghosts Wallhack

call of duty blurry hack have been protected intensively by the world click in the last few years. I seriously, appreciate call of duty ghosting hack. Whilst it continues to be acknowledged that it comes ...

Review of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is praised by several reviews and some like BBB would give A- rating for the organization. Now, InMotion also support Ruby on Rails and there would be clear pricing for items like devoted ...

How to Troubleshoot IIS & SSL

Internet Information Services and Secured Sockets Layer work together to serve up encrypted websites for readers. SSL is a protocol that encrypts information when a reader logs in, submits sensitive information or when the website processes private information. If your website is not working proper

How to Block Tracking Cookies

A tracking cookie is a type of temporary Internet file that records information about a computer user's habits and transmits them to a third-party vendor. The cookies may keep track of a variety of information, including which links you click, the search terms you use and the website addresses you v