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How to Connect VB.Net to Remote SQL

A Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) programmer must connect an application to a remote SQL database whenever heavy traffic prevents him from storing the database and its associated application on the same server. When this occurs, he must move the database to a separate server and connect his application t

How to Do an Illustration Render in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a widely used 3D modeling, graphics and animation application offered by Maxon Computer. It has many powerful features, and is one of the main alternatives to Maya or 3DMax. While people tend to think of it as a tool for creating animation or video games, it is also used to create image

Making Sure Your Laptop Charger Lasts Longer

Nothing stinks worse than using your laptop charger to charge up the battery on your computer and then all of a sudden, it fizzles out. This might leave you scrambling to save your work before the battery runs down. Often battery life is limited to a few hours of use at the very most and it is not o

How to Download Free Ringtone-Making Software

While fun ringtones can be a great way to personalize your cell phone, they can cost a lot of money when you buy them through your service provider. Luckily, there are software programs that can help you make your own ringtones for free. You can alter your favorite music so you can use it on your ph

How to Customize a PDF

Adobe's Portable Document Format is designed, as the name implies, around portability: a PDF document will preserve its design and formatting no matter what computer or operating system it's read on. Unlike other documents, PDFs are usually not composed from scratch -- most often, a document in some

How to Troubleshoot an HP 6310 Projector

Hewlett-Packard is an electronics company best known for computers and printers. However, they also have a line of digital projectors, which includes the HP 6310 projector. Digital projectors are devices that connect to computers and project the content from the computer. If you are having trouble w

How to Reduce the Size of the Browser Window on a Mac

Reducing the size of Web browser windows or windows you are using to browse the contents of your computer can increase productivity. Making some windows smaller makes it possible to fit more windows on the screen. The Mac OS X operating system lets you control the size of the windows you for browsin

How to Change the Date on the Brother IntelliFax 2820

The Brother IntelliFax 2820 is designed to display the current date and time on the front display panel whenever you aren't actively using the machine. In addition, you can configure the machine to display the date and time when you send a fax. The internal clock relies on an uninterrupted power sou

How to Merge Flash Files

A flash file is a popular media format associated with the application "Adobe Flash Player." "Moyea FLV Editor Lite" is a free application which allows you to edit flash files. It comes with a "Merge" features which allows you to take two flash files and merge them into one. This is useful if you ha

Amazing Logging With Keylogger!

Nowadays internet is in reach of each and every one person living in this globe. It has become a basic necessity of life as for the reason that it has been very advanced and modernizes. ...

How to Initialize an Internal Hard Drive

If you've added a new hard drive and unable to access it, it's most likely because it's not properly formatted, or initialized. This can also happen if the data on the drive has become corrupt. Initializing a drive is the process of formatting it with a file system so that the computer recognizes th