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Symptoms Of Menopause - How Long Will It Last?

When they first find out they have the symptoms, many women want to know - how long does menopause last? Each year many thousands of women start to have these symptoms, so they want to know more.

Surviving Perimenopause - Exercise For Women Who Hate It

Perimenopause can be a really exciting time in your life because you are finally freeing yourself from child rearing and family duties.Your commitment to the family, while still very strong, doesn't (or shouldn't) require you to spend all your time and energies devoted to them.

Amazing level of comfort with Air bra

This article presents the idea of air bra and the revolution it has caused in the world of undergarments. From its unique design, to the materials used, this article tries to cover every aspect of the

What Are the Symptoms of Yeast Infection in the Vagina?

There are a large amount of symptoms of a yeast infection. There are a lot of symptoms however that may be simply misunderstood to be indications of a vaginal yeast infection when in fact they are some signs of some other illness or infection.

Women in the Workforce are Affected by Depression

Depression that affects women in the work force is a major issue that cannot be ignored.A recent study of the workforce concluded that at least $44 billion a year in productivity is lost due to depres

Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home

Women's breasts are one of the most important parts of her body, they make her look beautiful and at the same time attract men towards her. But some women are not blessed with a good breast size so they develop a certain type of inferiority complex and remain depressed.

Eyelash Stimulator Side Effects

A lot of women would love to have longer eyelashes. Longer eyelashes surely do look beautiful. Most women use eyelash stimulator. If you want to be safer then you must study this editorial about eyelash stimulator side effects.

Why Cosmetic Injections Have Become a Part of the Entertainment Industry

When a person decides to become an actor or actress, one of the first things that he or she does is in regard to studying their craft. In order to be convincing in any role, it is important for the actor or the actress to really be able to make their audience identify with them. However, the enterta

Self Defense for Women Living Alone

Many women live alone these days, in apartments, condos and their own homes. We have as much right to live as we please as any man. We shouldn't have to live any differently or take any special precautions, but, unfortunately, we should.

Benefits of Following a PCOS Diet

Losing weight and eating right with PCOS can be tough. The PCOS body doesn't process insulin normally, so a controlled diet should be adhered to remain healthy. But if weight loss isn't on your agenda, how can a person with PCOS eat right and how different is that diet than what you'r

Cleanse Your Candida with the Candida Diet

Let's see what Candida is. This imperfect fungi of the genus Candida, found inside the gastrointestinal tract (tubular passage of mucous membrane and muscle extending about 8.3 meters from mo

Heartburn In Pregnancy? - Here' s How To Cope

Coping with heartburn in pregnancyOne of the negative aspects of pregnancy is having to put up with heartburn. For women who have never had heartburn, it comes as a surprise.Rest assured, it's a normal occurrence and if there's any saving grace, it's that your heartburn is more than l

Does Menopause Cause Memory Loss?

Fortunately, this type of hormonally based, menopausal memory loss is something you can help, all by yourself. So the first thing to do is relax and know that you are in good company.

What My Grandmother Did For Her BV Cure

My grandmother has total faith in bacterial vaginosis home remedy and normally all her simple home cures are very effective. I guess it is the wisdom and years of experience which make these methods absolutely reliable for use. Such type of treatment for vaginosis is devoid of any negative side effe

Your Dream Wedding Gown Is Waiting For You Online

Prior to jumping on-line and overloading your eyes and brain together with images of stunning dresses you'll need to venture outdoors and go wedding gown hunting. No doubt you might be bursting with excitement at the believed of attempting on endless stunning dresses but prior to you think abou

Home Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy tests measure the presence of a telltale hormone in your urine called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). HCG is a hormone found only in pregnant women.

7 Easy Ways to Cure Yeast Infections

Not only is the yeast infection extremely embarrassing, but it can also cause a great deal of discomfort. Yeast infections can be associated with a very foul scent from the vagina besides just causing