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How to Crab With a Net

Crabbing is a fun, easy and inexpensive pastime which can lead to enough crabs to make a delicious dinner. Using a net is the best way to catch them, with the two primary net types being the long-handled dip net, allowing you to catch the crabs at a distance, and a drop net, which flattens when it h

What Are Cane Poles Made Of?

Making bamboo fishing poles and fishing rods is a highly regarded craft. Choosing the type of cane and crafting a fishing pole can take many hours of skilled workmanship.

How to Grip a Big Fish

Large fish must be held differently than their smaller counterparts. Holding a large fish vertically by its mouth will cause its vertebrae to separate and dislocate. Holding a large fish by the gill plate can also exaggerate the length of the fish as a result of separating vertebrae. This typically

West Virginia Fishing Regulations

The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources is responsible for fishing regulations within the state, as specified through Chapter 20 of West Virginia Code. The enforcement of Wildlife Resource regulations in the state is divided into six districts supervised by the main office in Charleston.

The Use Of Soft Plastic Baits For Bass Fishing

Fishing has always been described as the activity perfect for both the professionals and the amateurs. An action which requires extensive hours of patience from the individuals, it is a culmination of several factors. Ranging ...

How to Build a Private Bait Well

One of the key requirements to having a successful day on the lake fishing, is the health and liveliness of your bait. Fish are attracted to movement and a dead shiner on the end of a hook isn't all that alluring to most fish. For anglers who don't want to spend time catching shiners or shad to catc

How to Tie the Palmer Knot

The Palmer knot, or Palomar knot, connects fishing lines to hooks and lures. Knots weaken fishing lines and a properly tied fishing knot minimizes the loss of strength in a line. The Palmer knot comes close to retaining nearly 100 percent of a line's original strength. Preventing the line from twist

How to Match Fly Line Weight to an Unmarked Rod

Each fly rod is designed to cast a specific weight of fly line. A mismatched fly rod and fly line can make for a long, frustrating day of fishing. Fly lines come in a variety of weights, ranging from 1 to 14, with 1 being the lightest weight option. Fly rods are typically marked with this weight to

Sailing Flags & Their Meanings

Sailing flags, or nautical flags, are a way for ships to communicate with one another on the water without using radios. They are a component of INTERCO, the international code of symbols. Maritime flags exist to represent the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, A to Z and the numerals 1 to 9, along

Homemade Fishing Barometer

Fishing is an activity that's easily accessible and popular with people of all ages and experience, and there is a wide variety of techniques. Any experienced fisher will have his own tools and techniques to gauge good fishing conditions, but a popular one is a fishing barometer. This owes some of i

Insane Aquarium Deluxe Cheats

"Insaniquarium Deluxe" is a PC game that allows players to raise fish, fight aliens, purchase pets and earn trophies for their achievements within the game. Individuals must play through 20 levels, alternating between feeding, breeding and protecting their fish, all while trying to collect coins. "I

How to Fish for Catfish With Milk Jugs

Catfish are large bottom feeders found in freshwater rivers, ponds and lakes throughout the world. In some places they are considered a delicacy. They are a traditional dish in many of the areas where they live and can be easily prepared for eating in a variety of ways. One of the easiest methods fo

White Bass Fishing Tips

White bass, unlike their striped large- and small-mouth cousins, don't just hit anything they can fit into their mouths. While they are still relatively easy to catch and are a great fish for beginners to angle for, more finesse, understanding and ability is required to hook a white bass than a stri

Types of Bait to Use in Interbay Inlets for Fishing

Tampa's Interbay inlets are fishing fishing image by Stacey Lynn Payne from Fotolia.comInterbay is a Tampa neighborhood located in the southern part of the city. While the area only boasts less than 700 residents, it is home to several inlets that flow into Tampa Bay. Most of...

How to Make an Abalone Shell Inlay

Abalone is one of the most common shells used to create shell inlays. It is very similar to the other most common shell inlay, mother of pearl, which comes from oyster shells. The abalone is actually a type of sea snail. The snail's shell has a pearly luster that is used in creating the inlay. Decor

How to Care for a Monofilament Cast Net

A monofilament casting net can last you many years if you invest the time and effort to keep it in good condition. Regular use, prolonged exposure to sun, as well as slime and water residue can harm the netting, making it brittle and weak. From the first day you own your net, you can inspect, condit

Largemouth Bass Fishing in Northampton County, Pennsylvania

Fishermen often seek the largemouth bass because of its reputation as a fighter and for going airborne while attempting to jerk itself free of the hook. In Northampton County, Minsi Lake is the place to find the largemouth. Minsi Lake is in the heart of the Minsi Lake Wilderness Area, a 300-acre cou

How Is Fishing Line Produced?

Fishing line is an essential part of a fisherman's equipment. An understanding of the properties of fishing line and how it is made will assist the sportsman in line selection. Using the correct line in different fishing conditions can greatly improve fishing success. Line quality affects bait prese

Sediment in Coral Reefs

Coral reefs around the world play an important role in maintaining the ocean's delicate ecosystem. They form a habitat that is used by thousands of species of fish and other aquatic wildlife. Countries with coral reef constructs off their shores bring in millions of dollars from tourism every year.