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Video: Softball & Shoulder Stretching

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Dr. Robert Pomahac, and today's question is softball and shoulder stretching. Stretching is a super important part of your workout. It should be done pre and post your exercises. Why? To prevent injuries especially in the shoulder because it has so much motion...

Golf Tips For Beginners? You Bet! Golf Tips For Beginners-plus!

When getting started in golf it may seem like a slightly intimidating game. This can be because of the lingo, the golfing clubs and also some of the many "golf rules" (not to mention just flat out 'having to learn the actual game of golf itself!').Don't worry!This article wi

Positive Attitude For Achieving Six Pack Abs

When you are negative it affects your body in so many different ways. You become stressed and tense and may find that you can't concentrate and focus. You may quit during your exercise program because you don't see any results yet.

How Is a Basketball Net Attached to the Rim?

How Is a Basketball Net Attached to the Rim?To reduce the velocity of a basketball passing through the metal rim that forms part of the basket, a net is attached to the rim. A standard basketball net is made of nylon and typically weighs 2.7 to 5.6 oz. Securing a net is a quick task that...

10 Flat Tummy Tips

A firm and toned tummy encourages good posture and prevents back pain. A flat tummy is also a great indicator of a healthy body.

Metal Cleats Vs. Rubber

Different cleat designs have a significant influence on performance when involving field sports. Particularly in rugby, the type of cleat used often aligns to the field and weather conditions on game day.

Dangerous Shoulder Exercises

More and more people are lifting weights today in search of a leaner healthier body.Do you know what exercises are potentially harmful to your shoulders?Approximately 30% of the population will experience rotator cuff problems in their lifetime.Discover what exercises to watch out for in your exerci

Do You Really Need to Go to a Gym?

For most people love for themselves depends on love for their body. For others being in shape is a necessity because of the way they want to be perceived in society and by friends. Then there are others who need something to dedicate their time to, with a passion. Building your physique is a great s

Consider a Fitness Boot Camp Aimed At Females

You step on the scale and let out a sigh of disappointment. The latest diet you've been on for a week has taken all the food you love off your plate and yet you're standing on the scale noticing that you haven't lost a single pound.

Home Management By Use Of Racks

Skateboard racks are meant to ensure that injuries as a result of accidental slipping from them while in the house are avoided and that the house is always orderly by ensuring everything is placed in the right place.

How to Get Into WWE Wrestling Schools

According to, World Wrestling Entertainment does not endorse any wrestling schools. If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestler, contact your local state athletic commission to find out about schools in your area. Many wrestling schools are scams so you will need to find a legi

Arm Exercise - The Effective Process

Arm exercise like any other exercise requires mild stretching, strength training and the final stretching which serves as a cooling down process. So for an effective arm exercise it is expedient that you understand how to do it properly.

Video: How to Lose Stomach Fat at Age 53

Video Transcript Hi. I'm Jen Raby, Pilates and fitness expert, here to show you how to lose stomach fat in your 50s. Losing stomach fat in your 50s can be daunting. But, with the combination of cardiovascular exercise, good nutrition and incorporating Pilates into your program, you can...

How to Get Razor Sharp Abs - Abdominal Exercise Program

Everybody is looking for a great abdominal exercise program that will help them get those razor sharp abs. You know, not just a faint outline of a six pack, but a chiseled, rock solid six pack that really stands out.

3 Killer Aikido Techniques - What Are They?

Martial arts have been around since a very long time and therefore are probably the most effective type of self-defense which have actually existed. These days, more and more people are beginning to discover martial arts for a number of reasons-some would like to learn self defense for street protec

How to Remove a Brake From a Hydrus Rollerblade

The Rollerblade Hydrus is a top of the line in-line skate. Rollerblade is the brand name of the skate and Hydrus is the model. For a skilled in-line skater, the brake on a Hydrus is somewhat of a bother. The brake gets in the way while the skater is performing tricks and a skilled in-line skater doe

Paralympic Winter Games

Alpine and cross-country skiing are part of the Paralympic Winter Games.logo of cross-country skiing image by araraadt from Fotolia.comSir Ludwig Guttmann created the Paralympic Games in 1948 to provide athletic competition for military veterans with spinal cord injuries. The competition...

How to Start a Billiard Parlor

The 18 to 30 demographic is usually happy to spend money on a good night out. A billiard parlor, particularly one that provides a fun and friendly atmosphere, could be extremely lucrative. According to, start-up costs may range from $10,000 to $50,000. However, if you have the right