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The Two Faces of the Hierophant

Decking associated with Tarot card cards is really the religious journey. The main Arcana, or the Fool's Street, may be the road to birth, life, initiation into the mysteries, death and finally revival. We all ...

Frank Viola's New Website

Author Frank Viola has a new landing page with free resources and information about the author and speaker.

Law of Attraction: A Simple Understanding

"The Secret", DVD & book, certainly continues to attract attention of many people. The book continues to list as a top seller as does the DVD. Attraction has certainly worked for this book! There are ...

Buddhism Religion Being Adopted in Many Facets

The Buddhism religion is growing in popularity. Many people are turning to Buddhism as a way of bringing peace and happiness into their lives. They enjoy the ritualized chants, meditations and lifestyle practices that the Buddhist religion offers.

Importance of Wealth & Comfort Among Atheists & Agnostics

Atheists and agnostics have different personal and lifestyle priorities in America from religious theists. Atheists and agnostics care more about living in comfort and acquiring wealth. This suggests that atheists are more materialistic and even hedonistic than religious theists, but the actual numb

How to Write in a Prayer Journal

For people who have a difficult time putting their prayers into words, a prayer journal is a good choice. For some, writing is an easy way to communicate, even with God. Besides being a handy record of requests and petitions, a journal is a wonderful way to remember everything you want to pray abou

RENEW Your Mind: My Story

Why I decided to focus on renewing my mind and why it was the greatest decision, I've ever made.

Silhouette, At Freedom' s Door, The Spiritual Path And Finding Jesus

Silhouette is a spiritual poem about the road of life. A person understands to look to the Lord, who is light, truth, incorruption and righteousness; and with these qualities the spiritual road is paved. This spiritual road is not always easy, but by following Jesus is the way that leads to eternal

How to Put Someone on a Prayer Chain in Minnesota

Putting a loved one, friend or even a perfect stranger on a Minnesota prayer chain can be an act of kindness, and a will of devotion and faith to your fellow brothers and sisters through Christ. By locating a local prayer chain in Minnesota, you can add the name of whosoever is ailing to the list. N

Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love

Aphrodite was a goddess of love and romance. She was honored by the ancient Greeks, and is still celebrated by many modern Pagans.

How to Know If Your Daughter is Ready For First Communion

First Communion is a life-changing moment for your child. Catholic parents all over the world consider it a joyous experience. On that life-changing event, you want your child to be ready, physically and spiritually.

EU to Conquer Anglo-Saxons and Jews

Israeli leaders have often sold out their land and people to foreign interests, bloating their personal bank accounts at Israel's expense, encouraged by America, and both will fall before the European Union.

How to Greet a Tibetan Buddhist Monk

One of the most popular religions in the world is Buddhism. A central location for many Buddhists is Tibet where the Dalai Lama lives. He is the leader of the Yellow Hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism. A Lama or Geshe is a follower that has attained the highest teaching degree of the order. Tibetan Lamas

The Most Radical - "Impossible" Love

The story of the first conversation between the Reverend Wade Watts and Johnny Lee Clary is a the beginning of a journey to love. Real love. Hell-bending love...

Purpose Of Spiritual Retreats

We need to understand that there is energy of goodness within us, and that this increases or decreases according to our habits of thought and feeling. Knowing more about our selves, and how we functio

Gift Ideas For Tickets This Christmas

Tickets are a great gift any time of year, but they are a really great gift at Christmas. The reason is that you can give tickets for just about any type of event you can ...