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Where the Winners in Business Come From

The A-players in business don't appear out of thin air. A lot goes into their development as winners. And parents have a lot to do with where the core of their development comes from.

What Are You Stuffing Down To Survive?

When I was a child, I tried to stand up for myself, but I was always beaten down emotionally and physically. So, to survive the abuse, regardless of my hunger level, I stuffed myself with ...

Instant Fix to Calm Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety is a part of our everyday life and it's something we are all bound to deal with. There's no way for us to escape them and we should face them in a positive manner. How do you manage your anxiety and stress? Below are some suggestions that can help you to greatly reduce y

She Heard Voices

Millions suffer from low self-esteem.Research proves it contributes to other mental and emotional disorders.Positive affirmations can combat low self-esteem and possibly improve other major disorders such as depression, alcoholism and other addictions. An accurate opinion of who we are in God's

Why And How You Should Put An End To Excuses

As a younger man in my twenties, I learned what it was to be a master of excuses and as a result of my constant stream of excuses in the place of concrete action I ended up unhappy and unfulfilled. I was consumed by guilt because I knew I was capable of doing so much more, yet I just couldn't g

Moms need gifts too!-Shopping for a Baby Shower

Baby showers usually focus on baby and very rarely the aching, swelled, and squeemish mother-to-be. Make her a great goodie basket and show her that her comfort matters too with these helpful ideas: 1. Candles-I ...

To Be Or Not to Be - Attractive?

Am I attractive? The bottom-line truth is: you are and you are not. It depends on to whom you are talking and what you mean by attractive.

How To Make Better Decisions While Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs

When it comes to setting goals and making decisions about how to achieve them we often find ourselves procrastinating due to internal conflicts and other unconscious aspects that hinder our progress which includes self limiting beliefs. Discover how to overcome these blocks...

Negative Thinking Versus Positive Thinking

My heart has compelled me to write down my feelings on the negative response we are hearing from the media and the political arena everyday, every minute of the day.Why does news have to be bad all the time?It is so easy today to be negative and speak doom and gloom to everyone all of the time.

Make A Difference In 2011

The advent of 2011 has caused many to be cautious about the year ahead however there are a lot of things that you can change in your life by applying the law of attraction. Consider the fact that this is a serious way to approach matters and by doing so you will influence changes into your circumsta

Time Management is Essential to Everyday Living

There are times when we need to do a lot of things. We need to have plenty of things in our hands and we need to work on those things because those things are responsibilities that we need to push thr

During Low Times Accepting Just Who We Are

Besides God, who do we have as an advocate if we don't have ourselves? Accepting who we are during low times is the grace of God personally experienced. Everyone has the right of such experience, always.

Retirement or Re-routing?

Copyright 2005 Mary Desaulniers When I was in my twenties, the idea of retirement seemed a death sentence. Anxious to establish a place for myself in the professional world, I found the prospect of unstructured ...

Values - What Really Matters Most to You, Drives You?

What truly matters to you in your life? These driving forces are our values, the guiding principles by which we live our lives, our way of expressing and relating with the world. They are the silent forces behind many of our actions and decisions. Values are what we gravitate toward, what feels righ

You Have To Know When To Say No

Saying no can be one of the hardest things for anyone to do yet most of us want to do it more often. In this article I explain why knowing what you want to say yes to is an important step in learning to say no.

Memory Experiments in Psychology

Recently, I've read about a memory experiment in psychology. At first I though there would be nothing new. What can they prove that I still haven't heard of?