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First Big Step To Getting Published

You've finished your first novel but it's still sitting there in your laptop, waiting to see the world. The problem is you have no idea how to publish it. Actually, this can be an easy task, and you can begin by writing a simple yet catchy letter to your publisher of choice.

Full Attention

How much a person can be persuaded to fall in line? To what extent he can be made comfortable and feel fine? This is debatable point and must be paid full attention. It is very much crucial and deserves circulation and full mention.

Why Dianetics

The book Dianetics was dedicated to Will Durant, he and his wife were awarded the "Presidential Medal of Freedom" in 1977. Within 2 years of authoring the book Mr. Hubbard became the first to scientifically isolate and identify the human spirit.

Write Poetry For Money

Poetry is one of the oldest and most fashionable forms of prose that we still use today, and all languages across the world have their own styles and genres of poetry that are used to portray thoughts and feelings in many different ways. Have you considered that you may be able to write poetry for m

Green4Tea Ebook - Is It Worth The Money?

The Green4Tea Ebook by Stacy Harris is a unique guide in making your own green tea. It says that is effective in losing weight. Does it work? Is it worth the money?

Letting Grow: A Fairy Tale, By: Joan Ortiz

Rhythmically floating to the flutter of fairies' wings, this poetic book dances on the minds of young recipients of bedtime storytelling, creating both a visual and loving embrace. Letting Grow, also implying "Letting Go" tells of the imagination of a girl, Julia, just a baby in the a

Books What (Sic) I Read in 2014: 11 - 'Knock Down

A Review of 'Knock Down', Dick Francis' 13th novel, first published in 1974. Classic Francis fare, this one concerns the world of 'bloodstock' - the sale and purchase of racehorses - and the agents, independent and corporate, responsible for the big money business.

Paraphrase of the Poem "To the Indian Who Died in Africa" by T S Eliot

A man naturally yearns to be at his home if he happens to be working in another country. He keeps on looking forward to returning to his home and hearth and for the food so lovingly cooked by his wife. He waits for the happy hours when he will be sitting peacefully on the steps of his door, enjoying

Esther - Book Review March 18, 2008

Do we really want to be just like Esther? Esther 4:16 - Biblical Teaching Is this review from this book a parable and or symbolic? How does this review fit in or speak to us ...

Evil Genius

Excerpt The following is an excerpt from the book Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks Published by Harcourt Children's Books; May 2007;$17.00US; 978-0-15-205988-1 Copyright © 2007 Catherine Jinks One Cadel Piggott was just seven years old ...

Ray Garton - The Horror Genre's Hidden Gem

If you visit Amazon and scroll through the horror pages you come across the same old authors day in and day out, and even some who really shouldn't be in the horror page. I find this annoying on many levels because it's difficult to find an author who may not be as well advertised. We all

A Human Psychology

I am totally restless. I have joy limitless. i have no worries unless. I bring them on surface.

Vegetarian Cookbooks - 7 Things All Great Vegetarian Cookbooks Must Have

In order for vegetarian cookbooks to be great I believe they need to have seven very important ingredients. I don't know about you but one of my favorite past times is laying around on the sofa or a deck chair and flicking through vegetarian cookbooks and magazines looking at photos and getting

Is Writing Riches by Ray Edwards Right for You?

Yes, I am a Ray Edwards fan... and yes, he's my mentor, teacher, and friend. He is also one of the today's very top Web copywriters... in fact as it says on the cover of his new book, Writing Riches... "the Web's #1 Product Launch Copywriter." You can look at all the endorse

'50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships

This product provides us with information on the means and methods by which we can deal with relationship issues. It comes in two volumes and provides invaluable content on conflict resolution, relationship tips, how better to deal with in-laws as well as much more. For details, do read the review!

Can Any One Tell Me?

Can any one tell me the truth? Why all are not painted white with brush?