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Is My Cat Peeing or Marking?

There is a difference between a cat peeing outside the litter box and marking its territory. This article explains the difference and helps you better understand how you can get your cat to stop smelling up your house.

Fat Cat Facts

In short, learn the facts about your cat and the foods you are giving it.This is a quick summary of what a cat owner should and shouldn't feed.To learn more, please visit my more in depth cat feeding article.

How to Keep Cats From Urinating on Furniture

Cat urine is one of the strongest and most difficult odors to remove, which makes it all the more frustrating when your feline consistently urinates on your furniture. There are products you can buy to curb you cat from frequently urinating in a favorite spot, but the most effective strategy require

How Much Dry Food Should Cats Be Fed?

Cats on dry food diets have healthier gums and teeth.white angora cat eating from food bowl image by Stephen Orsillo from Fotolia.comFree FeedingCats like to have several small meals throughout the day, so you can provide dry food in a bowl and simply refill when it's empty. According to...

Stop Cat Scratching Today!

Your new living room furniture is in tatters. Your nerves are frayed. Your cat thinks you have morphed into someone he doesn't know and you need a solution to his inappropriate scratching behavior now! Sound familiar? Well, this was our situation a few months ago until we got a handle on a stra

Modern Cat Trees

Cat trees come in all different sizes and styles with a large number of different configuration options. All cats love to jump, climb, hide and leap. Cat trees can provide hours of entertainment and a fun area where your kitty can feel safe and secure.

How to Kill Dog Lice

As much as body lice is a target for human skin -- pets, such as dogs -- are vulnerable to the parasite infestation. While measures can be taken to lessen the chance of a lice infestation, proper cleaning and grooming of your dog is sometimes not enough to safeguard him against dog lice. If you catc

Why Do Cats Spray on Furniture?

IndicationsWhen a cat sprays on furniture, you can tell almost immediately. If you stumble upon the furniture after the cat has sprayed on it, you will feel a noticeable wetness. Shortly after the cat has sprayed, the wetness will begin to absorb into the furniture, but it will feel...

Crash Course in Cat Behavior Training

There is more to your cat then purring and curling up in your lap. At times, they can be a pain in butt to the household too. Cat behavior problems are number one reason why cat owners seek veterinary advice. Yet, many problems can easily be solved by understanding why they misbehave.

Feral Cats & Gum Disease

Feral cats differ from strays in that feral cats are wild and have never had a home. A stray cat is most likely a former house cat that has lost his home.Feral cats do not have any more diseases than other cats. However, if they do become infected with a gum disease, the chances that the disease wil

Large Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

The expression "fighting like cats and dogs" exists for a reason: generally, the two species have a strained relationship. They can, however, get on well if you have breeds with easygoing temperaments, and you take the time to socialize them. Large dogs can actually be very tolerant of cats, often b

How to Raise Abandoned Kittens to Make Great Pets

In the last few years I have rescued about 30 kittens from feral mothers. Bottle feeding about 12 and finally keeping 4 of my own that are now over 2 years old. This article has an excellent milk replacement formula and handing tips.

2011 Cat Picture of the Week: Pickles

Black Cat Pickles is the featured Cat Picture of the Week for the fourth week in October, 2011. Read more of Pickles and see his handsome picture.

Preventing Your Cat From Marking Territory

Territory marking is a destructive behavior that once started is not impossible but hard to stop. There are two key factors involved in preventing your cat from marking in the house.

How to Cope With a Feral Cat

Alley Cat Allies estimates that more than 60 million feral cats roam American roads and streets. If you are trying to befriend a wild cat, or help strays in your area, it takes a great deal of patience and a course of action. It's not something you can simply jump into as many of these animals may h

How to Teach Your Cat Good Social Skills With These Tips

Cats learn socialization from their mothers and littermates during the first 12 weeks of life, according to the "Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians." Cats who were abandoned or taken away from their mothers too early may not have the proper skills needed to relate to humans or other cats.

Clean Cat Urine Odor - 5 Things You Should Never Use

Over the years, we have been baffled by myths, crappy products that don't work, advise from friends, relatives and even store owners. None of these products will actually Clean Cat Urine, or if they do the smell soon comes back and it leaves us wanting to know the real solution more and more ea