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Can a Spayed Female Dog Give Off a False Heat Signal?

People have their dogs spayed for a variety of reasons. Preventing unplanned pregnancies and litters is a major reason. Your dog will live a longer, healthier life, and her risk of uterine infections and breast cancer will be greatly reduced, if she is spayed before her first heat. A female dog who

About Dog Training

Dog training is not a mysterious process. It is a matter of communicating with a dog so that it understands exactly what it should do. While some dogs are more eager to please than others, and some seem to possess more intelligence, all dogs can be trained in at least basic commands.

Is it a Canine Bladder Infection?

A canine bladder infection is one of the more common conditions seen by veterinarians. It is generally not considered to be a life threatening condition unless it spreads to the kidneys.

Colors of Miniature Schnauzers

The miniature Schnauzer was derived from the standard Schnauzer and recognized as a breed in 1889. Despite the size of the miniature Schnauzer, which ranges between 12 and 14 inches, it is a strong and protective guard dog. Its double coat, which consists of a wiry outer coat and soft undercoat, can

Feed Your Dog With Responsibility

Dogs are an incredible pet option for you if you are one of those who are fond of extremely loving and well brought-up companions. As much of fun as it is to own a dog, it is equally important to responsibly take care of it. Apart from grooming and taking your dog for regular checkups to the veterin

Dog Costumes Or A Dog Dress - They Can Be The Same Thing

As Halloween nears, many owners are searching the pet boutiques and web dog clothes stores for costumes and other spooky accessories. If the dog in question is a girl, then there are many wonderful dog dresses that can double as costumes.

What To Feed My Jack Russell Puppy?

What to feed my Jack Russell puppy - that will always be the first question a new puppy owner will ask. Find out how and what to feed your puppy.

Dog Apparel Is All The Rage

Dog apparel can be seen almost anywhere these days from quaint little boutiques, to upscale stores, to your local supermarket. Almost anyone who owns a dog has seen or even used these clothes and other accessories to decorate their doggies from head to toe.

Learning From DNA Dog Testing

When it comes to your dog, do you ever wonder why their personality is the way it is? Whether it is chasing squirrels or digging holes, it might just be in their genes. A simple DNA dog testing kit might be able to explain the reasons for these traits.

Small Dogs That Are Easy to Take Care Of

When choosing the right breed of dog, a number of factors may need to be considered. Things such as size, temperament, health issues and ease of training can be important. Those looking for a small, uncomplicated dog breed have several to choose from, each with traits that can desirable or problemat

Protect Your Animal From Arthritis

Adequan is a revolutionary medication that is used in horses and dogs to prevent symptoms related to traumatic or degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis). The Adequan Canine (100 mg per ml) comes in a package consisting of two vials (5 ml each). The drug requires your veterinarian's prescriptio

Precision Dog Crates - Why Invest in Them

Apart from being the most loved pets, dogs can help out in various activities at home and even in some work places. There is, therefore, a need to invest in precision dog crates, as they provide a number of advantages to the pet's owner.

Dogs Training Series - Dogs Are Not Human

The first rule in dog obedience training is to remember that dogs are not human. It's easy for us to fall into the habit of expecting our dogs to know what we're saying and what we expect from them.

The Top Careers for People That are Dog Lovers

Have you ever wanted to work with dogs for a living? Check out the top careers for dog lovers find out what you need to do to begin a hob working with dogs. Dog-related jobs are rewarding and fun, so see if one of these careers is for you.

Japanese Chin Dog's Diet

Japanese Chin dogs are lively and friendly companions. They're energetic and playful and tend to love everyone, even other dogs and strangers. The breed has no major genetic health concerns, and a well-cared for Japanese Chin can live up to 14 years. If you want your Japanese Chin to live a full and

How to Treat Or Prevent a Canine Male Urinary Tract Infection in 3 Easy Steps

If you suspect a canine male urinary tract infection in your dog, then you need to read this short article to find out how you can get your beloved pet back on the road to health and out of pain as quickly as possible. Since urinary issues can be painful and even life-threatening if not attended to,

Easy Steps For Maintaining Dog Bladder Health

Dog bladder health is important to your dog's well being. The average dog shouldn't experience bladder problems if they eat an AAFCO approved diet, get plenty of exercise and water, and take a natural remedy that boosts the urinary system. When a problem does emerge, such as a canine urina

How to Train Dogs in Both German and English Commands

Training a dog in English and German is a very simple process. For many dogs, such as police, working or Schutzhund dogs, being trained in two languages is a necessity. Dogs don't see language as we do. They don't understand any word that we use. They merely connect the sound of a word with the act