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The Best 401(k) Rollover Advice

When you leave your current job, you will likely want to take your 401(k) with you. If you do, your employer will send you a check for your 401(k) plan funds, minus 20 percent for taxes. You'll have to deposit the funds into a new retirement account within 60 days, or the rollover will be treated as

Do You Complain About Money?

Complaining about money is financial suicide. T Harv Eker from his best selling book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind says, "You can be a victim or you can be rich, but you can't be both. ...

How to Make Money Fast for Teens

The average teenager is interested in the latest fashions, newest electronics and hanging out with friends. However, these things require cash, and most teens rely on their parents for money. Yet, there are plenty of ways for teenagers to earn a buck. Whether you're looking for steady income or quic

How to trade forex can be hard, but it is useful!

All the foreign exchange trading know-how in the world is not going to improve, unless of course one has the nerve to buy and retail currencies and put your cash at risk. As using the ...

How to Understand Short Interest in Stocks

Selling short, or shorting, involves borrowing shares of a stock, selling them and buying them back later at a lower price, profiting from the price decline. Short interest refers to the number of shares sold short by all investors/traders compared to the total number of shares available for trading

Is Tithing Before or After Taxes?

Tithing is a concept in many Christian religions and individual churches that encourages members to make monetary donations. Each Christian denomination has its own policy for tithing, as well as its own way of explaining this policy to its membership. Individual leaders within these churches may im

How to send parcels abroad

In the UK, the Post Office is usually the cheapest option when sending parcels abroad. Simply pop into any branch with your pre-packed and packaged goods. Staff will advise of cost, timing and insurance options available to you. It is a good idea to purchase postage that includes a tracking feature

How to Return to Work After Unemployment

A sluggish economy with a high unemployment rate leaves many Americans dealing with job loss and searching for employment when they otherwise wouldn't be. This also means those unemployed may remain unemployed for a longer period. Returning to work after being unemployed can be both a blessing and a

How to Transfer Deeds in Tarrant County, Texas

Transferring land ownership on Tarrant County, Texas requires a legally binding document called a deed. A deed conveys or transfers the rights of the current owner(s), or grantor(s), to new owner(s), or grantee(s). The new document must state the information of each party along with the legal descri

Pre-Authorized Debit Rules

A pre-authorized debit is a recurring electronic transfer that automatically deducts the amount of a bill from a cash account. Many consumers authorize mortgage and insurance companies to deduct their payment amount each month. Instead of writing a check or sending a manual online bill payment, a co

How to Get a Free Credit Report

It used to cost a fee to get your credit report pulled, but everyone is now entitled to receive a free credit report once a year. This article will show you how.

What Is a Derogatory Account?

Your credit report contains information about your currently active credit accounts as well as accounts you held in the past. When your creditors notify the credit reporting agencies about negative information related to your management of a particular account, credit bureaus notate that informatio

Help to Speed Up My SSD Claim

Social Security Disability Insurance pays a benefit to those who qualify. If you're unable to work due to a physical or mental condition, the need for income can be urgent. With some preparation, you can help speed up the claims process. You may also be able to access other disability benefits while

Does a Revocable Trust Became Irrevocable if the Grantors Are Incapacitated?

A revocable or living trust is used to manage the assets of the grantor (trust creator) through his life and after death. A revocable trust becomes irrevocable only upon the death of the grantor. If a grantor becomes incompetent or incapacitated at any period during the life of the trust, the succ

Grants for College Students

Grants are awarded to graduate and undergraduate students for research, travel, concentration in a particular field or as general-education financial assistance. Awarding agencies include federal and state governments, independent grant-making foundations and colleges and universities. Unlike financ

Loan Consolidation Advice

Loan consolidation may seem like a one-stop solution for debt problems. It allows you to repay a large number of loans at once, and it comes with the promise of only one payment per month. However, loan consolidation can actually be damaging to your credit and financial health if not done correctly.

What Is Net Banking?

Net banking, also called internet or online banking, is the process of conducting banking transactions over the Internet. Viewing bank statements and the status of a bank account online also comes under the definition of net banking. The bank updates accounts and records of transactions almost insta

How Can I Open a Bank Account?

Whether for saving money, making funds easily available or integrating into a cashless society a bank checking or savings account is essential. Despite the necessity of these accounts and their ubiquity, however, many consumers are unfamiliar with the process of selecting a financial institution and

Do I Need Good Credit to Lease a Car?

Good credit is normally required to lease a car. In most cases, a credit score above 680 or a lower score with a good repayment history on prior auto loans and leases is necessary to ensure the most attractive lease offers. To avoid being blindsided by a dealership telling you about your poor credit

Benefits of Royal Bank Gold Visa

The Royal Bank Visa Gold Preferred is a credit card offered to Canadian residents from the Royal Bank of Canada. The card, which carries an annual fee of $110 (Canadian) and an interest rate of 19.99 percent, enables cardholders to earn reward points that may be redeemed for travel, merchandise, gif