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A List of Three Characteristics of Orientalism

Orientalism is defined as the sometimes-biased perspective through which Westerners view languages, lifestyles, art, cultures, values and sciences of the East, notably the Middle East and North Africa. The term is especially used to describe the attitudes of 19th-century intellectuals who depicted t

Ray Nagin Re-elected as New Orleans Mayor

It appears that the Chocolate People of New Orleans, as Ray Nagin calls them have in fact re-elected him as their Mayor. One can only wonder why, as much of the pre-Hurricane Katrina planning and miss management was his fault.

God, MLK, Barack Obama and the Number 40

The number 40 has always been used in the Bible to show a time of testing then ends in Gods goodness through manifestations.How does that relate to Barack Obama and MLK and his I have a Dream Speech.

How to Get Stamps Published With USA Philatelic

USA Philatelic is the journal of the United States Postal Service and the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, providing information about every stamp issued by the USPS. Published quarterly, it provides full-color photos of recent, older and future stamps, with accompanying articles highlighting ind

9/11: Where is Osama bin Laden?

We've been hunting for Osama bin Laden since 2001. Searching the mountains of Pakistan has not worked. I still say he is in Mecca but nobody listens to me. My nosey neighbor asks me questions about Osama. He thinks I know everything. Well, at least he's right about that.

UN Small Arms Treaty

While many are running around saying they are going to take away our second amendment rights if this treaty is signed by Clinton. The Constitution trumps any foreign treaty - any - and so even if signed this doesn't restrict the rights of American citizens their right to bear arms.

Fifty Versions of What is Right

It is clear that because abortion was made legal by the Federal government, it must be made illegal by the Federal government, as it has made abortion it's self-imposed responsibility. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights - all of which are Federal documents

Media Consolidation Definition

Media consolidation refers to the concentration of ownership of news, information and entertainment sources in the hands of fewer and larger corporations as well as cross-ownership of multiple media outlets in a single market. The extent of media consolidation differs across industries and within sp

Economics Development Theory

Economic development refers to the process by which societies allocate their scarce resources, such as land, labor and capital, more efficiently to improve their economies. Although the topic has always been a concern of economists, it was only in the 20th century that competing theories of economic

Displaying a State Flag on a Wall

Whether at home, in a school, government building or business, many Americans choose to show their patriotism by putting a flag on the wall. Some are especially proud of not only their country but also their state. Displaying a state flag on a wall is a time-honored tradition, but there are some thi

Americans are to Immediately Give Their Country to Mexico; NOW!

Some of the more radical illegal immigration organizations who are participating in the marches and the boycott of America's businesses claim that they have already taken over Los Angeles due to the fact that 55% of the city of Los Angeles is Hispanic.

Call For an All-Oromo Constituent Assembly

When a liberation struggle is carried out, the effort is by definition unanimous and all-inclusive. There cannot be exclusions, distinctions, segregations, efforts to bar and ban other voices which may reflect a different viewpoint; there cannot be any personal interests, prevarication, animosity.

Are We Really Getting Along?

Vicente Fox has been making statements that seem offensive but so what... Hispanics are about to take control of America...

A Warning To The Wise!

There is more than a precedent in this time of upheaval. And I thought I should both warn and point out our soon to be problems. The question of "illegal emigrants" is not one without precedent! This all happened a long time ago. I am reminded of a part in the Bible, where King of Israel w

How to Plan a Spaghetti Fundraiser

A spaghetti dinner is a good fundraiser for nonprofit organizations and school clubs to raise funds and boost their treasury. And if the fundraiser is a success, it's something a nonprofit or club can offer annually to members of the community.

Reverse Graffiti - Positives and Negatives

Are you aware of reverse graffiti? Let me explain how this works. What you do is you take a high-powered hot water pressure washer and a stencil, and then you take a dirty piece of concrete or a wall and then you clean it under high pressure, and remove the stencil, and you have a clean spot in the