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Medication Understanding Among Hospitalized Adults

Complex medication regimens to treat multiple conditions are increasingly common, yet patients often do not fully understand the instructions for safe and effective use. How prevalent is this problem?

Thyroid Storm Induced by Strangulation

Thyroid storm, or thyrotoxic crisis, is an uncommon and severe form of hyperthyroidism, manifesting clinically as the triad of altered mental status, hyperpyrexia, and adrenergic activation (tachycardia, high-output cardiac failure, and gastrointestinal dysfunction).

Pitfalls In Lymphoma Pathology

Histological interpretation of lymph nodes and lymphoid tissue specimens in suspected lymphoma is complex and subject to error and misinterpretation. This overview of common issues is a must-read.

Cardiovascular Safety of NSAIDs

Are any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs truly safe in terms of cardiovascular risk? This meta-analysis evaluated seven different NSAIDs, and the results were unsettling.