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The "Humor Bug", Catch It-and Spread It Around!

Humor is everywhere-you just have to find it!People ask me where I get the ideas for humor and the answer is always the same.Around the home; around the work place; out in the streets and out where the deer and the antelope play.

Rosie Updated

A political cartoon about women in combat.

All Ears

A political cartoon about NSA spying.

Toppling Mubarak

A political cartoon about bringing down Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Cyber Security

A political cartoon about the Anthony Weiner Twitter photo scandal.

The Pitfall

A political cartoon about President Obama's problems with Republicans.

Hillary Ball

A political cartoon about Hillary Clinton's failed presidential campaign.

Impeach Him

A political cartoon about the Pope's liberal pronouncements.

Unity Ticket

An editorial cartoon about the unifying campaign themes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Palin Poll Dance

A doctored photos of Sarah Palin poll dancing in a bikini.

Red Inkboarding

An editorial cartoon about President Bush's proposed 2009 budget.

Saturday Night Live Episode Recap

Saturday Night Live - Recap of Saturday Night Live James Franco Episode - Recap of Saturday Night Live episode 1533 hosted by James Franco with musical guest Kings of Leon. Original air date September 20, 2008.

Macho Bush

With the help of Dr. Freud, we finally understand why President Bush tries to act so macho.