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How to Build a Landscape Timber Planter Box

Landscape timbers have a multitude of gardening uses, but veteran backyard gardeners know how handy they are for creating a planter box to fill a gap in your landscaping. They can look rustic and can be the perfect place from which to perch a big display of impatiens or, if placed in the shade, a gr

Different Kinds of Pansies

The pansy flower is related to the viola, a flower dating back to the 4th century B.C. Wild pansies are native to Alpine meadows and rocky terrain; however, the pansy flower we know today is a hybrid created by William Thompson of Buckinghamshire, England in 1839.

Viburnum Varieties

The viburnum family contains more than 150 species and cultivars. Most are small trees or shrubs and many are North American or Asian natives. Viburnums grow in a range of shapes, sizes, colors and forms, from 2-foot-tall deciduous shrubs to 20-foot-tall evergreen trees. Though each species or culti

Organic Soil Pollutants

Organic pollutants from a variety of sources may affect a soil's quality.Jacqueline Veissid/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesOrganic pollutants are compounds made with carbon that adversely affect the environment when they come in contact with soil. Not all organic compounds are pollutants. Organic...

Small Orange Trees

A miniature orange tree, or calamondin orange, is actually a cross between a kumquat and a tangerine. Calamondin oranges produce star-shaped, white flowers and fruit that's only 1 or 2 inches in diameter. Both the flower and the fruit start appearing on the tree when it's two years old. Miniature or

How to Landscape Flowering Bushes

When it comes to designing and planning the landscaping around your home one type of plant which is often forgotten about is flowering bushes. While a flowering bush may not be in bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season, it can enhance the color of your landscaping when it flowers, show off u

Nutrional Benefits of Growing a Vegetable Garden

Fresh, unprocessed vegetables provide nutrient-rich materials for your diet.vegetable image by Allyson Ricketts from Fotolia.comVegetables make up an essential part of a healthy daily diet. Vegetables provide natural nutrients that provide needed materials for normal, everyday bodily...

How to Prune a Money Tree Plant

A money tree is a versatile plant native to Central and South America. The tree has several varieties of differing heights. Some money trees grow no larger than 5 feet high, while others can reach upwards of 60 feet. In the United States, the trees are usually grown indoors, because the winter tempe

Are Geraniums Annual Flowers?

To determine whether geraniums are truly annual flowers, it must first be decided what exactly is meant by the name "geranium." The term is commonly used for the species of two related but decidedly different genera. True geraniums are perennial plants, but pelargoniums are annuals --- and the two a

Honeysuckle Plant

Honeysuckle plants (Lonicera spp.) encompass a variety of perennial plants. These shrubs and vines are both evergreen and deciduous. Honeysuckles keep their leaves all year-round in warm climates, while loosing their leaves in climates with freezing temperatures. There are more than 150 varieties of

How to Identify Annual Flowers by Color & Number of Petals

An annual is a plant that lives for only one year. Thus, an annual's flowers germinate and blossom for just one year as well. Such plants have the ability to return only if their seeds fall to the ground during the growing season. When you encounter an unknown plant species, you can identify it by t

Signs of a Dying Crabapple Tree

Crabapple trees, with their beautiful spring blossoms and pleasing fragrance, are a popular landscaping choice. Insects pests and diseases can affest all varieties of crabapple trees. While most pests are not fatal to the tree, some diseases can be. Watch carefully for the signs of a...

Holly Tree Seeds

Holly trees are easily recognizable plants of the genus Ilex. Hollies are known for their toothed, glossy green leaves, and their white and red berries. They can grow to the size of trees or be kept in bush form. American holly is native to the United States, but there is a...

How to Care for Plants That Have Brown Leaves

Houseplants are a beautiful way to enhance your indoor environment. Given proper light, warmth and watering, their leaves will be glossy and healthy. If your spider plant is turning brown, or your prayer plant's leaves are developing curly brown edges, don't panic. Chances are good that you can reve

How to Make Floral Arrangements With a Bow

An arrangement of flowers can lend color, fragrance, shape and style to any environment or occasion. Most flower arrangements include several components: fresh flowers, assorted greenery, fillers such as babies' breath, branches such as curly willow and artificial birds and butterflies as embellishm

What Can You Clean with Fresh Lemons?

Cleaning with lemons is a trick housewives have been using for decades. The acidity in the lemon makes it an ideal cleaning agent and the aroma it leaves behind can be much more pleasant than store-bought cleaning solutions. Knowing what you can clean with lemons will get you started in switching ou

Ficus or Fig Bonsai Tree Information

A ficus bonsai tree is the species of fig trees used as these dwarf trees. Fig trees in the wild can grow to be as tall as 60 feet, whereas ficus or fig bonsai trees are much smaller.

How to Use Grass Clippings to Grow Watermelon Seeds

Watermelons are high in water content, hence the name, so you must find a way to keep in as much moisture as possible when these seeds are growing. Laying down grass clippings is an easy way to do this; it is also inexpensive and enables your cut grass to go to use.

When Will a Tulip Tree Flower?

The upright trunks of the tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) grace the forests of the Eastern United States, in an area east of the Mississippi River and south of the Great Lakes. The tulip tree is also regionally called tulip poplar or yellow poplar. The reference to tulip centers on both the sha

Height of Pea Plants

Garden or English peas produce tender edible seeds. Snap peas have edible low-fiber pods while snow peas produce flat, tender pods with tiny seeds. Peas grow on pole or bush plants.