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How to Organize a Garage

Parking the car in the garage is a luxury that represents a goal yet to be realized for many people. The garage is a storage catch all to which so many items get relegated simply because there isn't enough room in the house. But despite being home to tools, seasonal items, and unwanted things of all

Defining Identity Theft

Identity theft is more prevalent than you might think. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that, "as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year." Identity theft has become such an epidemic that Equifax and other credit bureaus have created credit monitoring and other produ

Storage Container Ideas

Proper storage and organization seem to be household issues that everyone struggles with--regardless of how much living space they have. The key to reducing clutter is to take time to discard unwanted items and create effective storage solutions for those items that are infrequently used or habitual

Prevent Major Life Catastrophes With Home Security

Nobody wants to come home to a break in. Immediately your stomach drops as you survey the damage, rushing in to figure out what happened and how bad it is. Valuables that are missing or broken combine with the bureaucracy of dealing with making things right. Dealing with the police, filing insurance

The Functional Artistry Of Haix Boots

The combination of high technology and fine detailing make the Haix boots really capable footwear for high performance jobs like firefighting and law enforcement. The technology included is meant to make sure that the feet both have the needed support as well as protection and comfort.

How to Transplant a Barrel Cactus

Barrel cactus plants are shaped as the name implies, stout and fat with thick ridges that ascend in a slight spiral toward the crown. They sport long, slightly hooked spines and in spring burst forth with plump, yellow fruit shaped like tiny pineapples. Like many desert specimens, they adapt well to

Homemade Mechanical Mouse Traps

A mechanical mouse trap works using the principles of mechanics. Basically, it's a mouse trap that doesn't need you to do anything once it's been set because it will react based on what the mouse does rather than based on what you do. Building a homemade mechanical mouse trap may sound difficult, bu

How to: Homemade Rug Deodorizer

When rugs develop odor, the smell can quickly take over the entire living space. Rugs are absorbent and can collect anything from food residue to smoke smells to pet smells. To deodorize, you want to use something strong enough to get rid of the odor without causing any harm to the underlying carpet

A Locksmith’s Guide to Home Protection

The increasing violence in our society is reflected in the growing incidence of burglary, break-ins and intrusion into the home. Perpetrators are no longer content in hiding in dark alleys and parking lots. They are ...

How to Calibrate a BD-9 Delmhorst Moisture Meter

The Delmhorst BD-9 moisture meter is equipped with metal probes that are placed into building materials to measure the amount of moisture in the material. The BD-9 works for wood, concrete, sheet rock and other materials. Accurate moisture readings are necessary to build homes and other structures c

Recycled Garden Crafts

You can purchase new, pricey garden decor and accessories at a home and garden store, or you can save money and use recycled materials from your home, salvage yards and second-hand stores to make your own garden decor and accessories. Do-it-yourself projects allow you to tailor decor to your specifi

Types of House Ants in Georgia

ant image by FttSniper from Fotolia.comGeorgia is home to over 100 different species of ground-dwelling ants. While many of these ants live outdoors, there are some species that nest inside homes. Being able to recognize the types of house ants in Georgia can make it easier to effectively...

How to Open a Master Combination Lock

Master combination locks offer an easy and efficient way to secure your personal belongings at school, in the gym or around the office. A standard combination Master lock comes with a three-number combination code inside the packaging. Memorize your code or keep the sticker in a safe place so you ca

Wall Insulation Grants

Grants for wall insulation are designed to reduce energy consumption.Jupiterimages/ ImagesPoor insulation in a home can increase the use of limited natural resources. The result of this is often seen in the homeowner's utility bill both in the summer and in the winter....

How to Get Free Appliances

The next time your coffeemaker burns out or your washing machine goes on the fritz, check out some options to replace the items for free before you head out to the store. Frequently people who are moving or remodeling will give away used appliances. In most cases, they will expect you to pick up the

How to Find Paper & Plastic Recycling Centers in Columbus, Ohio

Despite an ever-increasing awareness of environmental concerns and the proliferation of recycling programs, tons of recyclable paper and plastic still ends up landfills each year. In Columbus, Ohio, there are a number of city programs and local companies that make recycling your old paper and plasti