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How to Mount Metal Magazine Racks

Magazine racks are designed to be mounted to a wall and hold magazines in a convenient location. Made from plastic, wood or metal, magazine racks can be mounted in various areas throughout a home. Metal magazine racks commonly have mounting holes or tabs for securing the rack to a wall. Using the pr

Critical Steps to Manage Your Home's Water Usage

Residents in the southeast are struggling with unprecedented drought and water shortages. Normally those of us in this part of the US have lots of rain and more worries about flooding than drought. The rain ...

How to Install a Handicap Grab Bar Beside the Toilet

One of the ways in which you can make your home bathroom more accessible for physically challenged or elderly users is by installing a grab bar beside the toilet. These bars provide a firm grip and handhold for those getting up from or sitting down to use the toilet. Installation of grab bars is fai

Cad House PlansChoosing Your Home Plan Online

Having own home is one of the greatest dream of each of us. But when the time comes that they already have the financial capital to do so, they hesitate in choosing the perfect house plan in making their dream house to come true.

How to Troubleshoot Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners

Honeywell, a manufacturer of thermostats, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, also offers a line of air cleaners including electronic models. These models use a three-stage filtration system to produce an electronic charge that is said to collect up to 99 percent of airborne particles in your home. It's

How to Maintain Your Roof

Maintaining the roof of your home keeps the condition of your roof in check. If neglected, it could result a large repairs needing to be carried out down the line. Read on for tips in how to maintain

How to Fasten Plexiglass

Plexiglass, also known as acrylic, can be attached to almost any surface mechanically or chemically. Plexiglass is often used as a substitute for glass because plexiglass is far more shatter resistant than glass and when plexiglass does break in breaks into a few dull-edged chunks instead of the hun

Secure Your Home With High Quality Whitco Window Winders

Windows are one of the main and essential ventilations of any building which lets in fresh air and sun light. The suffocation of a closed room without any ventilation, windows or doors cannot be ever expressed in words. But one cannot always let the doors and window to remain wide open due to severa

Danger Ahead: Do-it-yourself Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors, whether manual or automatic contain parts that can become stressed, fatigued or broken over time. Before considering how much you might be able to save by repairing a garage door without calling upon a professional, consider the significant dangers you may face by taking the task on yo

Walk in Robes Is an Efficient Space to Dress Yourself Up

Organizing your home every time and clearing the clutter, immediately after opening your eyes in the morning or after just coming from office can be very irritating. Have ever wondered as to why your house ...

How Heat Works With a Gas Log Fireplace

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that prior to the 20th century, 90 percent of U.S. homes used wood for heating. The percentage dropped as more homeowners switched to alternative heating methods such as central heating. Concerns about the rising cost of electricity has some U.S. homeowners agai

Maintenance For Your Plumbing System

Most of the people around the world take their plumbing systems for granted unless they suffer consequences. These consequences are usually the ones which cost you the most money when you have a plumbing system ...

How to Hand Hew Logs

Hand-hewn timbers give rustic architecture a traditional look that sawed or planed timber can't match. Builders who need timbers with unusual dimensions might have no choice but to cut their own, and equipment capable of sawing accurate timbers costs more than most modern homesteaders can afford. He

Differences Between Red Oak And White Oak

Let’s talk about Oak Wood today. The reason I want to talk about Oak is because there are two different types of Oak there’s Red Oak and White Oak and the color of them is not the only difference!

How to Tighten Faucets

Most faucets secure to a countertop with screws. Over time, bolts can work their way loose and eventually the faucet no longer stays secured to the countertop. A loose faucet can cause water to seep under the countertop and cause rot or mold. If you notice that your faucet is loose, tighten it to pr

How to Change a Door Knob With a Clip

Many doorknobs have visible screws that allow for easy removal. Some doorknobs don't have visible screws. The screws are hidden from view beneath a decorative trim ring or cover. Screws still hold the doorknob together but they can't be accessed until the plate is removed. A tiny knob clip inside th