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How Big are Patio Home Backyards?

Patio home is a term that refers to a house that typically does not have a backyard at all, but rather a private, outdoor patio. Any landscaping around the home is considered common area and maintained by a property management company.

Bermuda Grass Mites

According to Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, you can only see bermudagrass mites using a hand lens with at least 10x magnification. However, heavy infestations of these tiny mites can kill both common and hybrid bermudagrass.

How to Repair a Rotted Deck

Dry rot is a fungus that results in mildew, mold and staining, making a deck appear unappealing and rickety. Microorganisms remove cellulose from deck timber and leave it susceptible to brittleness. Heat and moisture only worsen dry rot by making the wood expand. Repair a rotted deck by investing in

Installation and Design of Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers can be a great addition to your home. They can be great for swimming pools and can also save you the hassle of going inside the house for washing up and rinsing especially during summer time.

Large Fence Gate Options

Large fence gates are typically installed for the control of vehicle traffic. These gates can be erected across private driveways and entrances to manufacturing facilities. Matching the gate to the fencing material or making it completely different is a matter of taste and security. Large gates with

Causes of Mold in Flower Pots

At one point or another, many gardeners are faced with mold or fungi growing in their flower pots. While it is not typically damaging to plants, mold in flower pots is unsightly and indicates several problems that will eventually harm the roots of your plants. Knowing the causes of mold in flower po

How to Kill Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass adds color and texture to many landscapes. It is also very hardy and hard to get rid of when it becomes overgrown. The best time to remove ornamental grass is in the spring just as it is starting to grow. Kill ornamental grass by digging it up, or spray it with weed killer and mow

Venezuelan Hammocks Best For Camping and Adventure

The tropical forests of South America were the first place to use hammocks. These peaceful sleeping apparatuses were made out of the bark of the hamak tree. These hammocks were attached to the tree so that they natives would be saved from having to sleep on the wet ground as well as to save them fro

How to Check the Solenoid on a Riding Lawn Mower

The starter solenoid on a riding lawn mower is essentially an electromagnetic switch. This switch closes when you turn the ignition key, allowing electricity to flow to the starter. Once the engine has started and you release the key, the solenoid switch opens up, disengaging the electricity flow to

What Supplies Are Needed to Build a Lattice Privacy Screen?

A lattice privacy screen is often found in gardens and not only provides a little privacy, but also a bit of style to your garden. Everything you need to construct one is easily found in a hardware store. The amount of materials that you need to build a lattice privacy screen only differs based on t

Can I Compost Bedding With Parasites?

Animal bedding with parasites poses a disposal problem. Parasites can often survive many months or even years outside the host body, depending on the parasite. Composting bedding and manure is a method often used to kill parasites and their eggs without having to burn it, provides a valuable materia

Easy Landscaping for a Small Yard

A small yard is no reason to give up on your dream of a landscape that is blooming with life. In fact, having limited property provides the perfect opportunity for you to create an intimate garden retreat. And with a smaller lawn and fewer plants, you'll be able to spend less time doing yard work an

The Best Time to Cut Back Hedges

With the exception of evergreens, shrubs used for hedges are pruned almost any time of year. The best time depends on the type of shrub. To help determine the best time to prune, find out as much as you can about your plants.

How To Start A New Lawn By Laying Sod

It has got to be the most commonly asked question about starting a new lawn. Anybody who has ever contemplated starting a new lawn has pondered this question. Sod or seeds? Ordering topsoil and seeds is cheaper and offers you more of a variety of grass types. Sod on the other hand, gives you a beaut

How to Care for a Lawn That Looks Bad

Your front lawn is the first thing visitors and passers-by see, and if it's starting to look a little worse for the wear, it is important to take action quickly before the situation gets out of hand. You can care for a lawn that looks bad by taking a few correction measures that will get it looking

How to Landscape a Dog Yard

When you start to consider the various design and materials options for your home landscaping, you should always keep your dog in mind. Your dog will spend quite a bit of time in your yard, between being let out for regular bathroom trips and play time, the yard can become like a second home to your

What Kind of Nails to Use for Landscape Timbers?

Landscape timbers are pressure-treated lengths of wood that won't rot when exposed to moisture and other elements. Timbers are used in a variety of ways from stacking them for a raised garden or retaining wall to edging flower gardens. Securing timbers to the ground or each other is essential, and t

How to Do Plastic Edging and Landscaping

Edging between lawns and garden beds often creates an attractive sense of order in a garden. The edging restrains mulch or creeping grass and each side of the edging tends to look better cared for when the edging is in place. One common edging is a type of plastic border that has a hose-like rounded

Diseases Specific to Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass' characteristics makes it a top choice for athletic field image by robert mobley from Fotolia.comBermuda grass is native to Africa and is considered a weed by some because of its assertive growth. It is also adaptable to a wide range of soil types and is...