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How to Remove Rust Marks From Concrete

After your metal table and chairs have been sitting on your concrete patio for months, you discover ugly rust stains left behind by the feet. You might find rust stains on other concrete surfaces around your home -- sidewalks, foundations, floors and walls. The Michigan State University Extension re

How to Stop Squirrels & Rabbits From Chewing Trees

Squirrels and rabbits can be fun to watch in your yard -- until they start chewing the bark off fruit trees. Tree bark protects the heart of the tree and holds in moisture. Bark chewing allows excess air into the tree and depletes moisture and nutrients the tree needs to grow. Repellents for squirre

How to Remove Cigarette Smoke Stains on Doors

If you've just moved into the former home of a smoker or someone in your family smokes, you've probably discovered the effects cigarette smoke can have on your doors and nearly everything else in your house. The nicotine in cigarettes causes things in the surrounding area to develop greasy yellow st

How to Remove an Ink Stain From Microfiber

Microfiber is a high-quality, durable fabric that is commonly used as furniture upholstery. As with any other high-traffic area of the home, furniture is susceptible to spills and accidents that end up leaving a stain on the surface. Ink is a typical problem, as an ink pen can break or be dropped on

How to Clean Soot From Stainless Steel or Chrome

Cleaning soot from stainless steel or chrome items is not as complicated as it appears. Soot can collect on stove pipes, car exhaust tips, pots and pans and stove surfaces. Resist the urge to grab a scouring pad and scrub. That method does more harm than good by leaving permanent scuffs and scratche

How to Get Drink Stains Out of a Prom Dress

Spilling something on a prom dress can cause stress for many teens. Rather than worry about a ruined dress, treat and remove the stain with white distilled vinegar. The vinegar won't harm the fabric of the dress, or cause discoloration like bleach or other stain removers can. The vinegar smell dissi

Do Dishwashers Really Clean Enough?

Electric dishwashers offer a convenient way to keep dishes washed without the need for laborious hand cleaning. However, many older models didn't always remove all food from the dishes. Lower-temperature dishwashers could also leave germs behind after their cycles had finished. Newer models, especia

The Best Way to Clean a Glass Window

The old phrase "I don't do windows" works well if you can afford to hire cleaning help. If not, you're stuck, just like the rest of us, with cleaning your windows yourself. If you're prepared, however, with a few simple cleaning products and tools, the job won't be so bad, and your windows will soon

Home Remedies for Cleaning Products

Mopping your floors with a vinegar and water solution is an effective cleaner.floor cleaning #3 image by stassad from Fotolia.comCommercial cleaning products are costly and the chemicals can cause allergic reactions in family members or pets that are sensitive to the smells and chemicals....

How to Remove Pine Tar From Shoes

Pine tar can be one of the most difficult stains to deal with, not because it is difficult to remove, but because it is sticky. To remove pine tar, you will need strong solvents that will take away the stickiness and dissolve the sap. When cleaning shoes, use as little solvent as possible, because m

How to Apply Polyurethane Stain to an Existing Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are extremely durable, but they still need to be kept in good condition so future repairs are minimized. A polyurethane coating is necessary for concrete, since it will help protect it from cracks and stains, and it gives off a glossy finish. Before applying polyurethane to the concr

How to Clean Portraits on Canvas

Canvas is often a preferred method of displaying special portraits because it tends to last longer, look more professional and offer an artistic appeal. The pictures are actually pressed on the canvas rather than created with inks such as with photo-print paper. Regularly cleaning and maintaining yo

How to Clean Terra Cotta Tile

Terra cotta is a red, clay material used in pottery, sculptures and building materials such as floor tiles. These tiles give your floor a rich color and your room a rustic, earthy, old-world appearance. However, they are a bit difficult to maintain if installed in a high-traffic area, because they d

How to Get Pointe Shoe Glue Out of Fabric

Pointe shoes are elegant and light shoes worn by ballerinas and those studying ballet. The shoes have thin soles and long ribbons that lace around the lower legs to keep the shoes in place. One of the things used by dancers to keep the shoes in good condition is pointe shoe glue, but this is also ve

How to Clean KitchenAid Cookware

KitchenAid offers a full line of cookware. Finishes include non-stick hard anodized, brushed stainless steel, standard stainless steel, aluminum non-stick and a variety of hard-based porcelain and anodized cookware. The same basic principles apply when cleaning all KitchenAid cookware: You won't nee

The Best Way to Remove Rust From Wrought Iron

Rust is created when metal comes into contact with moisture and oxygen. Finding this reddish-brown corrosion on your wrought iron railings, furniture or other fixtures is disheartening. You don't have to replace or toss out rusted wrought iron. With the right products and removal methods, you can ge

How to Clean the Glass Screen of a Fireplace

Enjoying a cozy night before the fireplace is marred when black stains on the glass screen block your view of the fire. Clean the screen as soon as you see stains forming, and do not allow them to build up to that point. However, glass cleaners and other cleaning products may not remove all stains,

How to Remove Dog Urine Smell From A Rug

Dogs may be man's best friend -- until they decide to urinate on a favorite household rug or carpet. If you have a dog that isn't housebroken, there are certain steps you'll need to take to safeguard your peed-on rug or carpeting from stinking up the house and being a place where your dog goes back

How to Get Out of a Slump in "Halo 3"

"Halo 3" is a critically acclaimed first-person shooter developed by Bungie and released on the Xbox 360 console. While playing "Halo 3," the player will be required to make their way through waves of enemies in order to complete various quests and challenges. Whether you are playing the campaign mo

A Guide to Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are helpful when you need a more thorough cleaning than a regular vacuum cleaner is able to achieve. The units use steam along with cleaning solution to deep-clean the carpeting and upholstery around the home. Most steam cleaners operate the same way and can be either purchased or ren