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Garden Tub Definition

A garden tub can add a touch of luxury to an ordinary bathroom. Garden tubs are larger than most bathtubs, and they may provide a means for a more satisfying soak.

How to Make a Solar Water Heater From Beer Bottles

Solar water heaters use thermodynamic principles to heat and separate warm water from cool water. They are particularly effective in hotter regions with regularly clear skies.By using empty beer bottles, you recycle the glass to use as the heating columns of your solar water heater -- a double

Can I Put DUROCK Cement Board Over Vinyl Tile?

Knowing the options for substrate materials is one of the first steps in any tile installation. Concrete boards, such as DUROCK, are the foundation element for tile, providing the thinset mortar a substrate to bond to. Installing DUROCK cement board over preexisting flooring materials, such as vinyl

How to Build Solar Panels and Windmills for Electrical Generation

Wind farms and larger green-energy projects involve hiring contractors, dealers and engineers. With a little research, electrical work and of course the right tools, you can create a wind and solar home unit to supplement conventional electricity sources. Many of the materials-such as the solar pane

Photo Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Photos of family members add a wonderful personal in bath image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.comDecorating with framed photographs in a bathroom remodeling project can make the results dramatic. Photographs are a more creative choice than the standard and traditional framed...

How to Determine the Wattage of a Whirlpool Microwave

The internal heating systems used in microwaves differs among manufacturers and individual units. The heating power is measured by the amount of wattage provided by the microwave. Whirlpool publishes the wattage provided by all of their models, and you can discover this number through a variety of m

How to Install Peel & Stick Tile Over Cement

Installing peel and stick tile is an easy way to upgrade cement floors and improve the look of garages and basements. There are many tile types, styles and manufacturers available. This type of tile is simple to work with, because its adhesive backing allows you to install new flooring without the

Pros & Cons to Kitchen Counter Materials

Choosing kitchen counters can be a confusing enterprise. While it is certainly a good thing to have so many different options, that breadth of choice can also lead to confusion. The different materials from which kitchen counters are made all come with different pros and cons that you need to pay sp

How to Attach a Plastic Drum to a Wooden Dock

Plastic drums come in various sizes and are used for many different applications. They can be used for garbage or for usable materials, including animal feed and water. Since they are plastic, these drums are lightweight and can easily blow away or blow over, even if they are full. One solution is t

How to Seal Slate Tile Backsplash

A slate tile backsplash is one way to add variation and natural, rustic beauty to your kitchen design. Since slate is a natural stone, filled with clefts and ridges on its surface, it should be sealed to help protect it from splattering food and stains. Slate's rough finish gives it a du

How to Use a Tri Square

A tri square, also known as a try square, is a tool used in carpentry and metalwork. It consists of two parts; a steel blade and a wooden stock which also serves as the handle. These two parts are set at right angles to each other to form an L shape. A try square can be used to test that edges and c

How to Lay Tile on Hardwoods Covered With Vinyl

The ideal underlayment for ceramic or other tiles is cement board or something similarly hard and waterproof. However, a vinyl floor over hardwood can work, given the right circumstances and with the right preparations. Whether the vinyl is in tile form or a single sheet, it's important that it be f

How to Repair Scratches on an Armstrong Laminate Floor

Armstrong World Industries, Inc., manufactures a variety of items for residential home building, including flooring. Armstrong's laminate flooring options are designed to resemble real wood and stone but are actually made of multiple sheets compressed tightly together. Over time, minor scratches wil

The Best Screws for Mortar

Using screws with mortarnew bricks image by philn99 from Fotolia.comMortar is a cement-like material that is used to hold bricks and other types of building blocks together in a variety of construction projects. It is not uncommon to want to mount or hang objects from a brick wall. The...

How to Remove Poster Putty

Many people, including teenagers, business owners, teachers and others may have a need for placing pictures or posters on various wall surfaces. Attaching is often not as much a problem as removal. Many tapes or products may damage walls or paint when it is time to remove pictures or other items. On

How to Urethane Your Hardwood Floors

When you urethane your hardwood floors, not only does it protect the wood for many years, it also brings out the beauty of the wood grain. Coating the hardwood floors in urethane helps to prevent nicks, scratches and other damage caused by heavy use. When urethane dries, it is extremely durable, the

DIY Metal Studs

Builders have been using wooden studs to build frames and put up walls for many years but now there is another option. Stainless steel studs are becoming more and more popular thanks to their light weight, low cost, ease of use, and resistance to warping, rotting and water damage. The main drawback

How to Mount a Fan to a Window

One way to circulate the air in a room without turning on the air conditioner is to use a fan. Box fans and window fans are available in a variety of sizes, and they are simple to mount in a window to bring in a constant supply of fresh air. Although window fans are manufactured specifically for win

DIY Installation of a Granite Countertop

Durable, attractive granite countertops give kitchens an elegant, upgraded look. Granite resists stains and scratches and is easy to clean. Hot pots and pans won't leave char or burn marks on granite. It comes in many colors and patterns, guaranteeing you will be able to find granite that matches yo

Travertine Styles

Travertine stylesMarble texture image by Viacheslav Anyakin from Fotolia.comUsed for thousands of years in Italy, travertine is a type of limestone also identified as calcium carbonate. Travertine forms when minerals dissolve in ground water then move by natural rivers and spring waters...