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How to Change the Broiler Ignitor on a Frigidaire Oven

The broil ignitor on your Frigidaire oven is located on the rear of the broil burner, inside of the oven cavity. The broil burner is located at the top of the oven. If the broil ignitor fails, the broil element will not heat, preventing you from using your oven for broiling or cleaning. Fortunately,

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan With No Existing Source

Ceiling fans are very common appliances in homes today. Most ceiling fans are installed at an existing source, such as an old light fixture box. But wiring a ceiling fan without an immediate power source involves running a new line either from an existing circuit or from the main power panel to the

How to Wire in a 30 Amp 220 Outlet

Wiring a 30-ampere, 220-volt receptacle is a straightforward project, assuming that the 3-conductor w/gr. cable and device box is already in place. The 1999 Revision of the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires all newly installed 30-ampere, 220-volt receptacles to be of the 3-pole, 4-wire type. A

How to Connect Home Phone Wires

Wiring a phone is a do-it-yourself project that does not require electrical skills or special tools. To connect a telephone to a phone socket that you have installed yourself, connect the existing wires of a telephone connector block to the telephone socket. A few supplies from an electronics suppli

Whole House Water Treatment - Keeping Contamination Out of Your Water

Believe it or not, whole house water treatment could add years to your life. If you currently use unfiltered water, whether it's for drinking or showering, then you're putting yourself and your family at risk. The water that surrounds us becomes more and more contaminated each and every da

How to Install a Square D Circuit Breaker

Homeowners don't pay much attention to the circuit breaker panel in their home until there is an electrical problem. But if a circuit breaker is in need of replacement, it is important to replace it with the same style and amperage rating as the one being removed. Square D is a brand name of company

Choose The Right Height Measuring Device For Your Use - Some Pointers

How to find out which kind of height gauge do you need? Using a gauge that is suitable for measuring the height of children for measuring the height of various products and objects in your factory does not make sense. Using a tool that is used to determine the height of corrosive liquid inside a lea

How to Check the Belt on a Samsung Front Loading Dryer

Samsung front-loading automatic dryers come in a wide range of models in both gas and electric formats. Each model is equipped with a belt that connects to a set of pulleys powered by the motor. The belt wraps around the tumbler drum to rotate it during a drying cycle. Check your Samsung dryer belt

How to Set the Timer on Mr Coffee 4 Cup Maker?

The convenience of having an electric coffee maker as opposed to an old-fashioned percolator or a French press frees you up for more important morning tasks, such as reading the morning news or fixing breakfast. The only way to make the brewing of coffee even more convenient is to have a Mr. Coffee

What Is the Cost Advantage of Heating With Wood Vs. Oil?

Both safety and cost concerns over heating appliances that use gases to produce heat have led to an increased interest in alternative heating methods. Heating via wood pellets is one such alternative and a firm understanding of the long- and short-term costs of wood pellet heating as compared to gas

A Ventless Gas Fireplace is a Great Source of Secondary Heat

If you have one room in your home that never seems to get nice and warm you can easily solve the problem.A ventless gas fireplace is a very safe and inexpensive source of secondary heat. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles so you can get one that will perfectly suit your needs.

Stainless Steel Refrigerator For A Stylish Kitchen

The stainless steel refrigerator is one of the top selling models of the appliance world today. It has become popular amongst business owners, high-class restaurants, and homeowners alike.

How to Remove a White-Rodgers Thermostat From the Wall

White-Rodgers manufactures a full line of home thermostats. The White-Rodgers brand is one of the most common brands found in homes. One way to save on home energy costs is to update the old thermostat in your home. Replacing your current thermostat with a programmable unit allows you to set differe

Help Replacing a Motor on an Old Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

Replacing a defective motor on an old Electrolux brand vacuum cleaner requires a replacement motor that will need to be located from a specialty parts dealer -- or by cannibalizing a working model of the same era as that of the one that needs repair. A few household tools are all that is needed to r

Tumbling Noises in a GE Dryer

A General Electric (GE) dryer should not make a lot of noise when it's tumbling clothes. Aside from the noise being distracting and bothersome, it can cause damage to the machine and even the flooring structure if it persists. Stop using the dryer until you can pinpoint the source of the noise.

How to Change a Bulb in a Bathroom Fan

Many bathrooms have some sort of fan built into the ceiling. This help reduce the moisture after taking a shower or smells that may linger. Depending on the kind of bathroom you have one of the lights for the room may be in the same location as the fan. The light is found below the fan, so if it doe

Chest Freezer vs. Chest Refrigerator

Chest freezers and refrigerators have size in common but not much else. They have different purposes for cold food storage and either keep food fresh or maintain its longevity by frozen storage. Each one's individual design helps deliver its benefits. Your choice of a freezer or a refrigerator will

Home Appliances - How Do I Know When to Repair OR Replace My Home Appliance?

To Repair OR NOT to Repair your major home appliance... That is the question! We will walk you through these 3 Simple Questions to ask yourself, and your appliance repair company, before you make that final, gut wrenching decision. Do you know what the national average is for your residential applia

Some Unique Kitchen Appliances You Must Have

For a homemaker, buying new kitchen supplies is very exciting. If you like cooking and working in the kitchen, you would be aware of the excitement that comes with using a newly bought kitchen appliance. In fact, the market is now flooded with several kinds of unique appliances you can make use of.