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How to Process Injection-Molded Plastics

No matter how well designed a product is no one will buy it unless it looks great. Injection-molded parts typically come straight from the injection-molding machine looking plain with no special coating to protect it from weathering. Make your injection-molded parts look great with some simple after

How to Calculate Triangles From Points

A triangle is a simple geometric shape that conforms to mathematical principles discovered in antiquity. Triangles are made up of three points joined together by lines held at certain angles to one another that conform to the "sum of internal angles rule"; i.e. that the angles will add up to 180 deg

What Is Protecting Developing Flowers?

An unopened flower has a layer of new growth that protects the undeveloped reproductive structures from the elements. In most flowers, the emergence of the bloom happens early during the growing season. To make sure that it occurs at the appropriate time, the flower has to remain closed and sealed u

How to Paint Fired Ceramic Tiles

Painting on ceramic tiles involves a specialty paint called overglaze. As the name suggests, overglaze provides decorative detail to a ceramic article already glazed and fired. Overglaze paint fuses into the original glaze on the fired ceramic tile to create a durable, vibrant piece of art. The powd

What Are Wheat Pennies Worth?

Take a good look at your pennies the next time you receive change. If you see a wheat penny, keep it--it's already worth 3 cents, and depending on its condition and year, its could be worth thousands of dollars.

Wishing Wells Made of Plastic Canvas

Plastic canvas is adaptable for dimensional projects used for decorations and utilitarian items. A wishing well, for example, can be crafted from clear or colored plastic-canvas pieces. Embroider colored yarn, raffia or fibers to give the roof the look of thatch or shingles. Stitch the well walls to

How to Build & Launch Homemade Bottle Rockets

Homemade bottle rockets are a fun family activity for the holidays, for science fairs or to teach your kids about Newton's laws of physics. Recycle two-liter soda bottles and make a craft that will give your kids hours of fun. You can craft a bottle rocket in a couple of hours with household items.

What Types of Algae Can Grow on Trees?

Alga is a plant that grows in salt water, fresh water or any place that is moist, including tree trunks. One type of algae grows on trees: Green Algae (Chlorophyta) is a single-cell organism that grows wherever freshwater is located and comes in over 7,000 species. Green algae is similar to plants b

Solar Cell Science Fair Project

Solar panel cells use energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy, which is a result of the photovoltaic effect of the materials that make up the cells. A science fair project that shows an increase of the power output in solar cells when there is a concentration of sunlight on the sol

What Is an Electric Magnet Generator?

Magnets are objects that generate magnetic fields. These magnetic fields can attract some kinds of metal to the magnets. Magnets also interact, attracting or repelling each other depending on their relative orientation. In addition, magnets perform an important function in the generation of electric

Ecology Project Ideas

Simple projects dealing with ecology can help anyone gain a better understanding of the environment. These projects can educate as well as inform both children and adults about prominent issues such as pollution. After completing a project, you can post the results in public service announcements bo

Butterfly Gardens in Florida

In Florida, you can watch butterflies drink and be merry.butterfly image by pearlguy from Fotolia.comButterfly exhibits attract thousands of visitors each year. Florida is home to a diverse array of plants and habitats, perfect for a thriving butterfly community. This panhandle state...

How to Beat The Dam Level in Goldeneye

In the first level of "Goldeneye" on the Nintendo 64, you will have four mission objectives to accomplish under the 00 Agent difficulty level. On 00 Agent, you must neutralize all alarms, install the covert modem, intercept the data backup, and then bungee jump from the platform on the dam. Along th

Facts About Silly String

Silly String is a joke item, popular with students, children and at parties. A can squirts the harmless, colored "string" at a hapless victim. A generic name for Silly String is aerosol string.

Does Recycling Reduce the Effects of Global Warming?

A side effect of collecting plastic shopping bags could be global warming. Their production is one of the reasons a sun block with a high sun protection factor is needed because the ozone layer is gradually disappearing due to global warming. Reusing items that are not biodegradable will reduce the

What Part of Plant Can Store Extra Food As Sugar or Starch?

Healthy plants tend to create much more food than they can immediately use. The excess food is stored as sugars and starches in various parts of the plants. These stores provide a source of energy not only for the plants, but also for the animals and humans that eat them.

What Type of Balsa Is the Best for Columns?

Many different wood types are available for building model structures or airplanes, such as oak or pine. However, some modeling enthusiasts enjoy using balsa wood since its various cuts provide versatility for the overall model building process. Structural supports, like columns, must use a specific

Cheap Fiberglass Cloth Alternatives

Fiberglass cloth is made by weaving fiberglass strands together to make a super-strong cloth suitable for use in the manufacture of small boats and surfboards. Fiberglass cloth is used to reinforce the frame of small boats and surfboards, giving it a lightweight strength. Because it is woven, fiberg

How to Crack Open a Large Geode

A geode is a spherical-shaped rock with crystal formations on the inside. Geodes are primarily hollow with only a small lining of crystals. While small geodes can be cracked open with a sock and hammer, this approach can damage a larger geode. Instead, a simple hammer, chisel and plenty of patience