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Is Alcohol Good For Your Heart Or Good For Heartaches?

You may have it wrong if you think alcohol is good for your heart. That only applies if you follow low-risk drinking guidelines. Moderate to high risk drinking causes nothing but heart problems and many other diseases. Bad things happen to nice people.

Which Foods Are Good For Lowering Cholesterol?

So you are looking for foods that help lower cholesterol, huh? If you are among the many people with high cholesterol you might also be wondering, is there a quick cure?

How to Prevent Heart Disease in Women

Many women don't realize that heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. Signs of heart attacks specific to women include pain in the back or jaw, nausea, throwing up and feeling out of breath. Women over 55 whose family members developed heart disease early in life are particularly at ri

Heart Attack Prevention

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of preventing heart attacks including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Blood Pressure: High Sodium and Salt Intake

Sodium is an essential electrolyte that keeps the body functioning properly.In as much as sodium is of importance, many of us take in far more of this substance than we need which is ultimately damaging to our health.The idea that excessive salt consumption is the cause of primary high blood pressur

Atrial Fibrillation - What Is It?

A friend of mine was rushed to the hospital the other day with a rapid heartbeat and a pounding chest. He was also having trouble breathing.

Heart Attack Treatment

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of heart attack treatment including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

FDA Approves Temporary Artificial Heart

The FDA has approved a temporary partial artificial heart intended to keep hospitalized patients alive while waiting for a heart transplant.

The Natural Way to Prevent High Blood Pressure Symptoms

When you have high blood pressure symptoms, chances are you are scrambling for ways to get yourself healthy. High blood pressure is a silent killer because it slowly creeps into your body and will eventually render you helpless.

Reduce Cholesterol With Rice Bran Oil

Okay, you got your recent blood test report and you are not very happy with the cholesterol content in your body. You know you have to bring it down but are not sure about what to do to reduce cholesterol. Well, don't worry! Reducing cholesterol levels in your body will not be a herculean task