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About Tumor Apoptosis

Tumors are made of cells that grow uncontrolled and lump together. Often these cells have a gene mutation that disrupts the normal growth process. These gene mutations interrupt a process called apoptosis or cell death. Once mutated, the cells can form tumors or become cancerous. Doctors and scienti

Certifications For Senior Care Jobs

Certifications for senior caregiving vary according to the regulations established by each state. Nursing Aides, Home Health Aides and Personal Companion Caregivers may obtain certification usually within a couple months or less.

Nature, The Magical Healer

From the beginning of life, both animals and human beings have been in awe of nature, and the immense nurturing capabilities that it holds. Our ancestors were totally dependent on the healing powers of the herbs and plants that were available in their native localities, for treating all sorts of ail

Elderly Homes and Assisted Living for Baby-Boomers

Assisted living or elderly homes, are set up to assist seniors that are disabled, paralyzed incapacitated or simply just not capable of caring for themselves in their old age. Those that are capable of taking care of themselves, are provided and independent apartment with cooking, cleaning and house

Surgery Jobs Are Yours for the Taking

You've gone through school. You've done all your clinicals. You've finished your internships. You've gotten your certifications in the state. Now you're ready to hunt down surgery jobs and show that you have what it takes to work in the healthcare industry. It may be harder

The Frustration of the Pubic Lice Problem

One of the most common and frustrating problems bugging many people today is the pubic lice infestation and it can attack people regardless of age or gender. Typically they also referred to as crabs lay their eggs called nits in the pubic hair. In about two weeks these nits become full fledged adult

How to Keep the Elderly in Their Homes

Many elderly people prefer to stay in their own homes, but sometimes the choice is taken out of their hands. Making plans and intervening at a time before home arrangements are in crisis can help avoid the need for a nursing home. Lack of help at earlier stages could lead to falls, which in turn lea

Dr Reviews Can Help You Even If You Already Have a Great Physician

If you are currently happy with your doctor, you should still consider visiting a site that offers doctor reviews and ratings. Dr. reviews can allow you to see whether others are equally happy with your physician, or if there are better doctors nearby.

Types of Care for the Elderly

You cannot simply split social care services between residential care and home care. There are many new schemes, such as extra care housing and sheltered housing that enable you to receive care, as and when you need, yet remain as independent as possible. This article gives you an idea about the nee

Free Shipping For Incontinence Products Can Provide Significant Savings

Bladder control problems plague many people, and are always cause for embarrassment. Many companies now carry incontinence supplies. Free shipping is a perk of several of these providers. Any number of products are now on the market which aid incontinent persons to live normal, active lives.

Family Therapy Techniques For Healthy Relationship

Family therapy is one of the best forms of communication therapy. This therapy is used to modify the relations between the family members by using effective and suitable techniques. Basically, this th

Ideas for Nursing Home Week

Nursing Home Week is celebrated every year in May and offers an opportunity for nursing home administrators, employees, medical staff and residents around the country to celebrate observances that focus attention on nursing homes. Nursing Home Week kicks off, appropriately enough, on Mother's Day ev

How to Make Your Home Relaxing for Retirement

The time after retirement should be a period of relaxation. It should be a time for being comfortable and content. Unfortunately, old age can mean that aches and pains from years of wear can make living harder than it needs to be. Circulation gets poor and it is sometimes harder to keep warm. There

Tips For Buying Used Medical Supplies

Buying medical supplies and equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen machines, stair lifts, rising beds, and others can be a costly expense when not covered by your health insurance company. However, many of these items are necessary and can greatly help improve your quality of life. For some,

What Are the Pertinent Contents of a Pineapple?

Pineapple is native to Brazil and Paraguay, but is now grown in various parts of the world, particularly in Hawaii. The delicious fruit, which takes 18 months to grow, is low in calories and full of useful minerals, proteins, enzymes and vitamins, making it a healthy snack that helps to promote vari

Hyperhidrosis Treatments - How to Find Treatments For Hyperhidrosis

All over the world, millions of people are affected by a common medical disorder known as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.Studies have shown that at least 3percent of the population suffers from this condition.Unfortunately, hyperhidrosis is not curable and it results in a variety of negative co

Cremation Memorial Services

Cremation funeral services are services that take place when someone chose to be cremated. Basically, there are no real differences between cremation services and funeral services, except that there m