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SmartLipo Technology and FAQ

SMARTLIPO uses the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery technology, which provide a safer, quicker and cost-effective method.

Choose A Wolff Canopy Tanning Bed

Wolff has a great line of tanning canopies and canopy tanning beds to choose from for home use.They offer great pricing and financing so why not choose a Wolff canopy tanning bed for your home?There's a big difference between a tanning canopy and a canopy bed.

How To Get Rid Of That Ugly Unibrow Forever

A unibrow or mono-brow is the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows so that the eyebrows seem to join above the nose to form one long eyebrow. In Western culture, the growth of such facial hair is seen as having a lack of grooming, as if embracing a "primitive" appearance.

How to Match Bathing Suits & Trunks for Kids

Most children view summer as a time of paradise, a time to frolic at a nearby beach or pool. Summer can indeed be this time of carefree relaxation, if kids have swimsuits that are durable and that offer them some sun protection. Most kids will want to wear bathing suits and trunks that they look goo

Wrapping Your Hair to Make it Straight

Many women will wrap their hair at night to keep their hair looking silky smooth and straight all day long. Even with chemically straightened hair, sleeping can cause creases, kinks and curls. When wrapping your hair, you should use a satin or silk scarf, which is more gentle to your hair than using

How to Fix a Broken Sliding Van Door on a 1997 Safari

The 1997 GMC Safari van has a sliding door that permits easy access to the back of the van. The door relies on a slider, which is located underneath the sliding door and works in tandem with a track to open and close the door. The track runs all along the bottom of the door, while the slider is loca

How to Make a Hair Bow

Girls of all ages with hair of any length use hair bow hair accessories. Wearing hair bows add a feminine touch to any attire. Making hair bows is not a difficult task and does not require any skills or experience in fashion design. Anyone can learn to make hair bows with a little practice and the r

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Many women feel uncomfortable when they have hair on their arms, legs, armpits and so on. Some spend many hours a week either shaving or waxing. These methods are both time consuming and not permanent. Some manufacturers of hair removal lasers have produced devices which are suitable for home use. T

How to Reset H2 Padding

According to a new and fairly simple rule introduced on the Web Standards Group (WSG) list, the CSS "padding" and "margin" parameters should be set to "0" for easier debugging and cross-browser compatibility. Various browsers apply internal style sheets to HTML elements on your Web page, leading to

What Is a Country Chic Dressing Style?

Country chic style takes the staples of country living and puts a modern and flattering take on it. There are two ways to classify country chic – countryside setting and cowboy-inspired. Country chic style that is taken from a countryside setting includes items such as tweed jackets, rubber bo

How to Prevent Wrinkled Skin

Wrinkled skin is part of the natural aging process as the skin begins to lose its elasticity and starts to sag. Two main contributors of skin wrinkles are exposure to the sun and lack of water in the skin. A predisposition to wrinkly skin may be unavoidable; but there are ways to prevent wrinkled sk

Benefits of Owning Tanning Beds

Many people would like to own tanning beds. If you have a bed in your home, you can tan whenever you want, day or night. You won't worry about when the salon is closed. Owning a tanning bed is a long run investment, if you use them regularly, they are worth the money, even if they are expensive

Shaun Robinson, 2005

The best celebrity jewelry looks at the Oscars during the first decade of the new century.

How to Fold a Sweater

The trick to folding sweaters is avoiding big bulges, thus allowing for more storage space in your drawers.

Video: How Do I Style Wavy Hairstyles?

Video Transcript Hi, I'm T. Cooper, I'm a New York makeup artiest, hairstylist and I'm co-founder of Beauty and Grooming Business Metro Look. Today, I'm going to show you how to do a wavy hairstyle. For this look all you'll need is some hair spray and a curling iron, you could use...

How to Make a Dog Bow Tie With Elastic

Putting a bow tie on your dog is a fun way to dress it up for Halloween, a party or just for the fun of it. Making a bow tie is quick and easy, and adding a piece of elastic to it creates an easy way to slip it on your dog any time you want. Choose a black or white bow tie to give your pup a formal

Tips for Beauty at Age 50

Women at every decade should change their beauty routine to keep up with their changing and aging body. Women at 50 should alter their makeup for a youthful dewy finish with lighter colored eyes and lips. To frame this fresh face, cut your hair short and layer the hair for a feminine look. Be fabulo