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Cleaning The Air You Breathe With Air Purifiers

Air purifiers continue to gain in popularity as people become more concerned about the air they breathe. But you certainly don't want to run out to the store and pick the first air purifier you see. There are many systems available and each has its strengths and weaknesses. So how do you choose

Definition of Antihistamine

Antihistamines are a class of drugs used primarily to deal with allergic reactions, although there are other situations when physicians prescribe them. Both prescription and over-the-counter versions are available under a wide variety of brand names. Consider antihistamines as well as other types of

Down Feather Allergies

Allergies are common when plants are in bloom and pollen is in the air. But allergies can also be caused by pets, including birds. Down feather allergies are created from bird dander known as feather dust. Feather dust comes from a certain type of bird known as a powder down. This bird has special d

Allergy Symptoms and Treatments

Allergy symptoms and treatments, depending on its intensity, vary from one person to another and can be categorized in mild, moderate and severe forms. There are different kinds of allergens and when a person is found allergic to one particular allergen, it does not signify that he/she will be sensi

Asthma Stress Triggers

Asthma and stress are two conditions that can perpetuate each other, creating an often vicious cycle of serious symptoms for those who suffer from both asthma and stress. However, both conditions are treatable, both holistically and through the effective use of medications. Once you understand the c

How to Treat Fever Naturally

Fever is simply defined as an elevation of body temperature beyond normal. The normal temperature of the body is between 97º to 99.4ºF (36º to 37.4ºC)--higher than this range means fever is present. Fever serves as a part of our body's defense system. It is a safe mechanism that

What Are the Effective Asthma Breathing Exercises For Men?

Breathing exercise develops quality of life, but isn't expected to reduce the necessity for standard anti-inflammatory medication treatment in asthma. Asthma is a constant inflammatory turmoil that constricts airway muscles resulting in shortness of breath, wheezing or cough. Persistent disrupt

Childhood Asthma Linked to Risk of COPD

Children who suffer from severe, persistent asthma are nearly 32 times more likely to develop adult chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), a study shows.

Tips on Allergies

Is your hair dye causing your heart to flutter? Trying to ''wash that gray out of her hair" was almost a deadly mistake for one 59-year-old woman from California. She had been dyeing her hair for a number of years with no problem until one day after applying the solution to her hair,

Asthma in Children-Living With Asthma

You can control the impact asthma has on your child's life by following your asthma plans consistently. A management plan can reduce inflammation to prevent long - term damage to your child's lungs and decrease the severity, frequency, and duration of asthma attacks. Your child may have ...

Cockroach Allergy

Cockroach allergy problems can play a significant role in people with asthma.People with a sensitivity to cockroaches often develop a rash if one of these insects crawls over their skin.

Bed Bugs - What Are They?

Bed bugs are little bugs that are roughly the size of a lady bug, they even look like lady bugs but have totally different colour, while the lady bug is red with black spots or yellow with black spots, the bed bugs have a rusty red colour that is not attractive like the lady bugs colour.

Effective Treatment For Bronchitis Symptoms

Bronchitis is a kind of respiratory disease and in order to ward off the possibility of any sort of complications, medical treatment is required.Bronchitis symptoms would alert you to rush to a doctor immediately. Bronchitis symptoms treatment would actually depend on the conclusion drawn by your do

A Natural Remedy For Allergies

There are many natural chemicals found in plants that have beneficial effects when they are taken either as supplements, or, eaten as part of a healthy diet. I believe that eating a diet that includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is best, but sometimes taking supplements is necessary, esp

Allergen Definition

Allergies are an unfortunate fact of life for many people, affecting them in a variety of unpleasant ways. Allergens are at the core cause of allergic reactions, causing a vast array of symptoms, some of which can be resolved with allergy medication.

Seasonal Allergies - Natural Remedy to Rid Symptoms

Your immune system might not be equipped to deal with the environmental aggressors that threaten it daily this time of year. If you know you suffer allergies, preparing for this dreaded time of year can help. Typically, you want to do this a few months before the season really picks up. If you notic