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1 in 33 Teens Admit Trying Meth

In a survey of 2,600 U.S. teens, one in 33 admitted trying meth. They first tried met at age 12, on average.

Electronic Cigarette

This e cigarette is an electronic device that is just like a cigarette but it contains no tobacco, no smoke, no tar, and it never has to be lit. The way it works is that a heater inside of the unit heats up a liquid nicotine solution into a vapor that is identical to smoke. You puff on the vapor ins

Yoga to Help You Quit Smoking - Why Is This a Good Idea

Most people agree that one of the hardest things to do is quit smoking. The body finds it very difficult to deal with the drop in nicotine levels because this substance is highly addictive in nature. If you have tried out different ways to quit smoking without any success then it is time that you co

Top 10 Reasons Why 'If the President Can Quit So Can You

Having to know that the president is a smoker is a big issue, well, having to know that he quit is much bigger. How can he do that, he got the job to afford a better cigarette, much expensive one, so why did he quit? Is it much of personal benefit or more on presidential critics' issue?

Harmful Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

Reasons for Smoking Studies have established that depression is one of the big reasons why people start smoking. The habit is less prevalent among people who don't have any depression problems. According to one of ...

My Loved One Keeps Relapsing: Is a Co-Occurring Disorder to Blame?

Despite multiple efforts at sobriety, many addicts/alcoholics continue to relapse, and some do it multiple times. Is treatment a waste of money? It can be if the addict does not want to change. But often it is not a question of "if" treatment is a waste of money; the real question is: &quo

Smoking - A Bad Habit

It is found that mostly men smoke, but the habit of smoking is also seen in some women and it is a very dangerous habit for women, when compared to men. Because researchers have found that smoking leads to more health hazards in women when compared to men.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment For Substance Abuse

Nowadays people who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction also suffers from some kind of mental disorder. If someone is dealing with such problems then getting treatment in a good dual diagnosis rehab center will be quite helpful.