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How to Test Fake Money

Counterfeiting is the process by which criminals print fraudulent money, or alter real currency to change its denomination. The US Government places several safeguards in its currency to help people spot fake bills. Several of these safeguards can be checked subtly, while others require a more obvio

How to Divorce an Addict

If you are married to an addict, the fact that you have decided to get divorced is understandable. Even if your spouse has sought and complied with treatment, relapse is common. If the issues haven't been solved, divorce is often the result. When you are divorcing an addict, especially if you have c

About Family Mediation - A Brief Introduction

In our day to day life we come across several types of disputes, like domestic/family disputes, property related disputes, business disputes, etc. and to find a way out of this thing both the parties involved ...

West Virginia Pet Crematory Laws

According to national laws, as well as the laws in West Virginia, it is the pet owner's responsibility to correctly dispose of or handle a pet or animal's remains. There are specific state laws and regulations in West Virginia in addition to the national laws set forth by the...

What Would Happen if a Cyber Shockwave Hit Us?

A cyber shockwave is a term used by U.S. security officials to describe a multi-faceted cyber attack on the country's infrastructure. A cyber shockwave could be directed at government networks and networks in the private sector, and are designed to disrupt defense, economic, and utility infrastructu

Digital Evidence and the Hearsay Law

According to the Federal Rules of Evidence, only relevant information that has been authenticated is admissible in court. As new methods of information storage and retrieval are developed, however, rules governing digital evidence have evolved. Hearsay is an out-of-court statement used to prove that

Judgment Recovery - Selling Your Judgment

Selling your judgment is an option worth considering. Regrettable, about 80% of court judgments are never collected. Reasons for the low collection rate include the skillfulness of sneaky debtors who are professionals at not paying, ...

Long Load Red-Flag Law in Connecticut

Connecticut's motor vehicle "red-flag law" is found in Chapter 246, Section 14-96(k) of the Connecticut code. The statute applies to three separate situations involving oversized loads: daytime transport, night-time transport, and oversized loads carrying live animals.

Marital Fidelity Laws in California

Marital fidelity, as of August 2011, is still a marital requirement written into California law. According to section of 720 of California's Family Code, "Husband and wife contract toward each other obligations of mutual respect, fidelity and support." In spite of this contractual obligation, howeve

Asbestos Training Certification

Asbestos training is required for all workers in public and private industries who will be handling and disposing of asbestos. It is of paramount importance for you to acquire the appropriate environmental and safety certifications in asbestos management and removal before undertaking a job involvin

Alabama Laws on Medical Bills & Payment Amounts

Alabama has passed laws on medical bills and payments to help ensure that patients remain responsible for their own health care payments. These laws also enforce integrity in medical billing so that health care institutions give patients and their families a clear idea of services and...

Pennsylvania Laws on Wills for the Elderly

Laws on Pennsylvania wills can be found in the Pennsylvania Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code.cemetary 3 image by sonya etchison from Fotolia.comThe laws on Pennsylvania wills can be found in the Pennsylvania Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code. The laws dictate who can sign a will...

How to Find Out if My OH License is Suspended

Ohio courts or the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles can suspend your license to drive for a variety of reasons. If you fail a blood alcohol test, a police officer will immediately take your license. Ohio has a poor-driver point system that assigns two to six points for each traffic violation. Accumulat

ID Types for I-9 Verification

Starting a new job means filling out lots of paperwork. Don't blame your employer -- state and federal government require some of the forms that you will complete. One form, the I-9, proves your identity and eligibility for employment in the United States as required by the federal government.

Finding a Professional Employment Lawyer

With an increasing number of labor disputes between workers and employers today, and led to an increasing amount of labor-related cases filed in the courts. Moreover, with the threat of civil rights for employees with ...

Florida's Laws for a Traffic Fatality

Drivers must stop and immediately report car accidents that involve a fatality.Coche accidentado image by quicolopez from Fotolia.comFlorida state laws include specific procedures for dealing with a traffic accident that involves a fatality. A failure to follow these laws can result in...

California State Homeowners Laws

Laws affect California's homeowners.california 66 image by MLProject from Fotolia.comHomeowners in California hold title to real estate property within the state. Homeowners may also have mortgages on their home, for which they owe lending institutions money. Homeowners own condominiums,...

Louisiana Laws for Voluntary Vehicle Repossession

In Louisiana, debtors may voluntarily surrender cars for repossession.towing truck image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.comLouisiana law prohibits lenders from repossessing vehicles without a court order unless the debtor agrees to it. This is known as "voluntary repossession." Once...