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Garden Landscaping by Dennis

Professional landscapers are familiar with the quality of the soil and the way to do it properly. You need to know how much sun those roses will need.  What about food? Will you need a root stimulator

How to Grow Chinese Basil

Chinese basil is not true basil at all but a member of the Perilla, or mint, family. It originated in Asia and was brought to North America by immigrants. It has become a common wild plant in the southeastern United States. Chinese basil has a sweet taste and high nutritional value. It is used as a

Lavatera Care

The lavatera belongs to the Mallow family and is native to southern Europe. Some varieties, such as Lavatera trimestris, grow in shrub formations, while others, including Lavatera olbia and L. assurgentiflora, are classified as mallow trees and can grow as tall as 10 feet. Lavatera also comes in ann

How to Grow Crassula Portulacaria

Crassula portulacaria is the Latin name for a succulent that is closely related to the jade plant with thick, fleshy leaves, and grows as a shrub or a small tree. The Crassula portulacaria has golden yellow leaves, rather than the traditional green of many jades and stems that are a deep red color.

8 Creative Ideas for Plant Pots

Ideas for plant pots create a special atmosphere. Creative and unique containers are fun and appealing. Regular pots are so boring... Don't you want to include lots of other items that are lying around your garage or attic? We offer you the most popular ideas for plant pots to make your ordinar

Tomato Staking Tips

Tomato staking has to be among the more interesting aspects of tomato gardening. This is because there are so many tomato farmers that believe so strongly in staking their tomatoes. There are some that do not agree and strongly oppose this notion.

Orchid Light Requirements - A Few Things to Keep In Mind

Orchid lights are one of most important ingredients for the optimum health of your orchids especially if your natural local light conditions are not able to fulfill your orchids light requirements. The type of light that is available to your orchid plants on a regular basis will determine how they p

Time to Plant Heat-Happy Vegetables in June

There is still time to enjoy a full summer garden by planting heat-happy vegetables in June. The typically mild June temperatures during the month give these vegetables a good start for the hotter months ahead.

How to Grow Plants From Stolons

Think of a plant stem, but imagine it growing horizontally along the ground instead of upright. That's what a stolon looks like. Plants produce stolons as a way of propagating themselves. The stolon takes nutrients from the main plant via its roots to feed the new plants sprouting from its nodes. A

Brown Widow Spider

Distantly related to the black widow, the brown widow spider is far less toxic than its famous cousin. Though it is widely spread in the United States, this species often proves difficult to identify because ...

What Is A Compost

Compost is soil or dirt you used to plant vegetables or fruit. It is recycled and used in organic farming for healthier plants, vegetables and fruit. VermiCompost is the best soil you can create and ...

Adding A Hammock To Your Garden

Adding a hammock to your garden can create an interesting focus to your back yard. It also gives a relaxing spot to enjoy nature or to read a book or just to chill and have a well deserved siesta! Good placement will encourage you to use it more, every time you walk out there or look out of the hous

Care Instructions for Sempervivum

Sempervivum is a genus of succulent sometimes referred to as hens and chicks or house leeks. The perennial plant grows in rosettes and flowers in full sun. Common species include S. arachnoideum, S. tectorum and S. montanum. Like other succulents, such as cacti, sempervivum require dry conditions,

Growing Trained Fruit Trees

Although free standing fruit trees look lovely, the best way to grow fruit trees in a small garden is as trained forms against boundaries and as garden dividers. Not only do they take up less room, but they are practical advantages to the method. A sunny wall or fence offers several advantages for t