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How to Attract Women - Be the Perfect Man

From all the resources I have read, I have learnt that there are several base characteristics, or traits, in men that attract women. This article will go through some of these traits, in order to help you learn to use them to increase your success with women.

How To Get A Man: Being Sensitive

If you're hoping to learn how to get a guy, you're going to have to know how to be sensitive. When a guy looks at a woman, from his unique perspective, one of the key things he sees is how sensitive you are. It can truly be a pass or fail characteristic.

Best Ways to Please a Woman in Bed - Becoming More Desirable in Bed!

Are you a guy that is sick of having women fake their pleasure with you because you and them both know you cannot give them what they want? Do you want to know the best ways to please a woman in bed so that you become the best man you can in the bedroom? There are many ways to figure out what is nec

Do You Ejaculate Too Fast During Sex? Secret to Last Longer In Bed!

Do you ejaculate too fast during sex? If this describes you, then you are probably in search of ways to permanently solve this issue. This problem has made you unable to satisfy your woman in bed during sex. You are unhappy about the fact that you're embarrassed each time you have sex with your

Today's Women Reveal What They Want in Men

Today's women are achievers in every aspect of life. Women in positions of power and authority, women in space engineering to single mothers extraordinaire. But all these women still have one thing in common, they still want to be treated like a woman. What women want from guys can be many thin

How to Lure Women to You - Using Powerful Female Psychology Secrets

One of the primary reasons that men fail to attract women is that they have this idea that they are somehow inferior to her. A guy will see a hot girl and say in his head, "I don't have a chance! Seriously, she's beyond gorgeous. She's practically a goddess." The idea of com

Are Female Libido Enhancer Products Really Effective?

If you're a woman looking to rekindle that long lost sexual desire you used to possess because lack of sex is creating large problems for you and your partner, then a female libido enhancement product may be right up your alley. Many times for newbies, the problem is locating a sex-drive booste

Cunnilingus - Tips for Pleasing Her

Performing cunnilingus can be either sexual bliss or trauma for a woman depending on how you go about it. If done right, it will be the quickest way for your partner to achieve orgasm.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

Many of us never get to have the experience of a wonderful loving relationship because we are afraid to commit. If we do have a committed relationship, we are constantly fearful and worried about breaking up, fighting and other conflicts that can enter a relationship and we manage to mess it up. Luc

How to Win Over a Woman's Heart and Keep Her Forever

Today's society tends to frown on "playboys" and chick magnets. However, there is no doubt that the smoothest guys in today's day and age are the only ones who succeed in getting dates and having sex with beautiful girls. Find out the 2 superb methods to becoming a true playboy a

Is Increasing Ejaculation Volume Really Necessary?

Most of the men are not confident about issues concerning their sexual behaviour. Besides just having issues with penis size there is a whole new class of embarrassment that has been caused by the adult film industry. This is the volume of one's ejaculation.

About Lubricants

There are as many different lubricants as there are types of... shampoos. And as with shampoos, each woman ends up with their very own favorite that she feels committed to, and that she believes is better than the rest. So, how do you find a perfect lube? Some things to keep in mind as you peruse ou

First Date Mistakes By Men

If you can stay away from these first date mistakes by men you should make it to date number two. You're going to have to show your date that you're confident, and give a good impression with looking arrogant. The way you dress, what you talk about and your table manners are going to be un

A Quick Guide In The Art Of Seduction

Have trouble in the dating arena and need help in order to be successful with women.This article is a quick guide which aims to help improve you and your chances with women.

Does Your Man Really Love You?

The age old question which every woman in a relationship has asked herself more than once is: "does he love me?" Women can't help but think in that direction because most of the time they are unable to tell what is going on inside the mind of their partner. Wouldn't you like to k