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How To Get Your Ex Back

Are you prepared to study how to get you ex back later than a bad breakup? while you're going via a painful breakup, you may be sure in this truth - you're not alone. Although ...

Advice For Marriage Problems - Tips That Work

There is a great deal of advice for marriage problems. Some of it works and some of it only worsens the situation. Find out what you can do, beginning today, to help rebuild the relationship between you and your spouse.

Divorcing the Narcissist - 4 Strategies to Protect Yourself

There are instances where the process of divorce becomes even more difficult, and having a partner who is a narcissist ranks high on the list of complicating factors.Here are 4 strategies to take to help you protect yourself from a soon-to-be-ex who definitely does not have your best interests at he

The Worse Mistakes You Can Make While Getting Divorced

Finally realizing that you and your spouse made a poor decision in getting married can be awful. Going through the horror of divorce only makes the situation tons harder. During this time there is often so much fighting and bickering that it seems your blood starts to boil at the mere mention of div

How to Plan Your Friend's Wedding

If you've recently been asked to plan a friend's wedding, don't stress! Here are some helpful tips to get you started

Secrets On How To Save A Marriage From Divorce

If you are wondering how to save your marriage from divorce, there are a couple of actions you can take right away. They are to start being more romantic with your spouse and stop obsessing over career success and money. These words of advice require patience and innovation, but they are worth the e

Ideas for a 50-Year-Old's Birthday

Reaching the half century mark is an important milestone. How people feel about it, positively or negatively, will obviously have a bearing on what kind of party is best to throw for them. Whatever the case, a 50th birthday is an important date that deserves to be celebrated, and there are many uniq

Marriage - Happy, Holy Or Horrible?

This nation is only as strong as its Church; the Church is only as strong as its families. Marriage represents the marriage of Jesus and the Bride, His Church. No wonder Satan attacks her so mercilessly.

Do Men Have Regret After Cheating?

Some of the more common concerns that I hear from wives whose husbands cheated is whether the husbands are really sorry or whether they have any regret. It's common to think that he is only s

The Male Menopause and Adultery - Do You Need a Doctor Or a Lawyer?

They come into my office on a regular basis. Women in their late 40's who have been married for 20 years or more, have grown up children and what looks like a happy and stable family life, who have suddenly been told by their husband that they want a divorce. I call them casualties of the male

The Marriages of Jack Palance

It appears that Jack was able to show the artistic and poetic side of his personality to those close to him while keeping the public believing in his tough macho image. Jack was married twice and had three children. Here's information about his marriages and thoughts about love.

Saving Your Marriage Through Your Own Behavior

Many people face the situation that their spouses are less committed to making the marriage work than they are. While it may be painful, a broken marriage will need to be fixed, or it will eventually die a natural death. The reason you, by yourself, can make positive changes toward saving your marri

Child Custody - Child Custody Evaluations

When there is a child involved in any divorce case, then a child custody ruling will have to be made. The child custody case is always separate from the divorce case or the child support issue. A child custody evaluation is usually the best possible way to determine what will be best for the child.

Dating After Divorce - The Secret to Attraction - Too Eager Vs Unavailable

Have you ever been highly attracted to someone who barely noticed you? Or maybe they were more on the friend level, even though you wanted more. The unattainable man is highly attractive. That is part of the secret of George Clooney's charm - he is elusive. The "Ungettable Man" is alo

Included Guidelines For Your Prenup Agreement

So what is a prenup agreement? Can this only convey the end of every marriage's romance? Are these really necessary to just get realistic and discover solutions to control the issues the marr

Divorce lawyer NY is the Most Suitable Legal Stepping

The field of divorce lawyer NY is an intense task because the said legal authority is required to take a note of various things associated with the concerned case. In usual practice, the laws of ...