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Cleaning Artist Brushes

Cleaning Procedure - Knowing how to clean your brushes is indispensable for extending the life of your brushes. Watercolor brushes - For watercolor, rinse your brush with cold water and gently squeeze the head to drain the water. You can use a paper towel to gently suck the water out of the brush he

Lucian Freud - Muted Art Within a Great Legacy

Sigmund Freud was not given a Noble Prize because allegedly they could not find a subject for him. Lucian Michael Freud or Lucian Freud, his grandson, faced almost similar dilemma in his entire life of escapism from being slotted while, at the same time, finding his own idiom. Born on December 08, 1

Glossy Photo Paper Is Never A Waste

Photography is all about creating an impact. You can do this with experimentation. You cannot however afford to ignore the quality of the materials you use. Central to this is glossy photo paper. Once you ...

Bierstadt Prints

Albert Bierstadt prints make great choices for those who love the North American countryside and wish to add it to their own homes. This article covers the works of this famous American painter in full and discusses why his art makes such a suitable choice as print for art consumers.

360-Product Photography Specialist Tutorial

The 360 product photography is fast replacing traditional methods of catalogue photography. As the market for online products grows, the demand for product photography is also increasing. Since most of the companies have online presence, ...

Amsterdam's Wonderful Art

When it comes to art holidays, Amsterdam has lots to offer. The city itself is like one ongoing exhibit. With a welter of up-to-the-moment street art, galleries of all descriptions, and vast museum collections, Amsterdam offers no end of aesthetic pleasures.

Event Specific Clip Art Design - Earth Day

The concept of Earth Day celebration started in Wisconsin more than four decades ago. It was intended to raise national awareness on environmental preservation and conservation. Today, it is celebrated for a lot of reasons.

Simple Methods For Non-Professional Portrait Photography

Numerous photos you are taking shall be group shots or portraits. Bearing this in mind, ensure forget the best portrait lens. But if your camera is surely a Canon, portrait lens selection becomes easier simply ...

Pierre Bonnard - The Splendid French Painter

One of the most renowned French painters & printmakers, Pierre Bonnard was especially famous for his ingenious experimentation with color. He though, was not revolutionary in his style of painting, but he definitely was a master in portraying human emotions through colors. His fluency with colors fe

Starting a marriage Photography Business

Creating a successful wedding photography business is a lot of of a challenge than one would suppose. simply because you'll take an image does not imply that beginning your own wedding photog

Stained Glass Art - The Basics

Stained glass is a very popular hobby now days. This article details some of the basic facts need for getting started.

How to Sell Abstract Art for a Living

Can I Sell My Artwork? Is art more than a hobby or a part-time profession for you? Do you wonder if you could turn your love of art into a full-time art career? Is it ...

Watercolor Lesson - Painting From Your Soul

My style of painting is all about feeling - emotion. It's about capturing that magical moment in time when the truth and sheer beauty of nature makes you catch your breath. You know the one - I think as artists, we have all experienced it.