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A Movie Review of Apt Pupil

The movie Apt Pupil, starring Sir Ian McKellen and Brad Renfro, adapts a Stephen King novella into a full-length film. The story presents an aging, hiding Nazi being confronted by a high school student obsessed with the gruesome details of the Holocaust.

Must-Know Facts About the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

Finding out the basics facts about Pearl Harbor can often be troublesome. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here for this collection of Pearl Harbor facts should prove both informational and interesting.

How to Reproduce Vintage Pin-Up Art

In reproducing any type of vintage graphic art, from posters and flyers to to advertising and magazine art, there are basically two options available. One can invest in a camera or scanning equipment, printer and paper to produce quality reproductions, or enlist the services of a professional reprog

American Ace: Major Thomas McGuire

Major Thomas McGuire was the second-highest scoring American ace of World War II. Flying in the South Pacific, Thomas McGuire favored the P-38 Lightning and amassed a total of 38 kills. He was shot down on January 7, 1945, during a fight over Negros Island.

U.S should not have invaded Iraq

Invasion of Iraq was one of the worst mistakes that were made by Bush administration. It was a mistake that cost Republicans return to power after being in the office for two terms. Invasion of Iraq w

Defender of Khartoum: Major General Charles "Chinese" Gordon

Major General Charles "Chinese" Gordon was a noted British commander during the 19th century. Charles Gordon rose to prominence for his actions in China and northern Africa. Gordon was killed in 1885 as he defended Khartoum, Sudan during the Mahdist War.

The Many, Many Wives of the Bible's King David

The many wives of King David in the Bible played important roles in the history of Israel. Through their relationships, David's wives brought him political alliances and material wealth, as well as 19 sons and one daughter. Three of David's wives were especially significant to Israel'

Berlin Blockade / Berlin Airlift

The Berlin Blockade was an early stress point in the Cold War and a clear victory for organized air power thanks to the West's airlift.

Common Colors in Aztec Art

Aztecs used gold to decorate jewelry and statues for nobility.mexican art sun image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comThe Aztec were ancient people who lived in Mexico during the 14th to 16th centuries. They are considered to have been a highly evolved civilization, having their own numerical...

Korean War Pictures - B-26 Dropping Napalm Bombs

A picture of flames and destruction eating through a concentration of enemy troops on this ridge as the Fifth Air Force B-26 Invader bomber of the 452nd Bombardment Wing pulls away, bomb-bay doors still open, after loosing napalm (jellied gasoline) bombs on the area during the Koren War.