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LCD Problems

LCDs, or Liquid Crystal Displays, project images using transistors attached to Red, Green, or Blue liquid crystals that rearrange to form an image when stimulated by electricity. Problems with these crystals, or with the transistors and energy flow to them cause the most common LCD Display problems.

How to Paint a Photography Studio

When it comes to painting a photography studio, the most important aspect is ensuring the color won’t adversely impact your photos. There are different schools of thought for what color works best for optimum photographic work; some prefer black walls, some white, while others prefer a neutral

How to Use Your Computer to View Through Your Camera

If you have a digital camera and you want a larger screen to view your subject matter instead of the small LCD view finder on the back of the camera, you can connect it to your computer. Once connected to your computer you can see everything your camera lens sees, except in a much larger scale. This

New DVD Releases

Let's take a look at this weeks new movies on video and DVD, along with a few additional releases of interest, and take a sneak peek at next week's movies on video/DVD.

Highly Rated Android Phones-TradeTang

Everybody knows about the iPhone and the Blackberry Most likely you know about the Pearl. Additionally, you may have heard about the Android phones that are on the market. Without even realizing it, t

The Various Ways You Can Watch TV Online

Ever since television stations have gone digital, more and more people find it easier and more convenient to watch TV online, rather than their old TV sets. One of the reasons why this trend has ...

How to Hook Up DirecTV to On Demand

DirecTV CINEMAplus, formerly known as DirecTV On Demand, is a feature for supported DirecTV HD DVR devices. The DirecTV device plugs into your Internet connection and accesses DirecTV's CINEMAplus servers remotely. The DirecTV can stream on-demand movies and videos over the Internet, use application

How to Splice an RCA Cable

RCA cable is widely used in consumer electronics for transmitting audio and video signals and as with any cable, it can break down or short out with enough use. Splicing cable is a great way to repair your old cables and get them back in action. Whatever your reason for cutting open your cable, spli

Home Elevation Architectural Types

Architectural drawings showing how a home will look are usually drawn from different angles. These drawings are referred to as elevation architectural types. They play an important role in how the architects communicate their ideas with clients. The elevation architectural types are drawn to scale.

DVD Pick: Juno

Juno DVD review that includes a review of the movie and bonus materials on the Juno DVD. Read Ivana Redwine's review of the Juno DVD.

Panasonic Trimmer With High Performance

There was a time when grooming was only for the ladies. Men were supposed to rough and plain. At most they were supposed to be clean; anything more than that was ridiculed. Men who went ...

What Is a Rechargeable Phone Card?

If you want to talk on the phone, there are several ways to pay for access. Aside from having your own phone line, using a phone card is a popular choice.

How to Hook Video Equipment to Cable TV & Newer HDMI TVs

TVs that are equipped with High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) jacks can receive and reproduce the best video signals available. High-resolution video and digital audio transmit from a source, such as a cable TV box, through the 19 pins inside the HDMI cable plug. The pins deliver high-definition

How to Troubleshoot a Digital Blue Personal Media Player

The Digital Blue personal media player holds video and audio content for playback, with storage capacity for up to eight hours of video and approximately 500 song tracks. The device is designed to work with computers running Microsoft operating systems with Windows Media Player software for uploadin

Waterproof Digital Cameras for Kids

A number of cameras have been developed for children as young as three to take up photography. These cameras have to be developed to be easy to use and able to withstand the active life a child leads, such as being water and shock proof.

The History of the Sony Walkman Cassette Player

While Sony has released many distinctive products over the decades, few proved to be as iconic as the Sony Walkman personal stereo. Born of ideas dating back to the beginnings of the company, the Walkman represented a serious gamble of design, but one that ultimately paid off. The Walkman became one

Aperion Audio Intimus 4T Summit Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

The Aperion Intimus 4T Summit Wireless 5.1 Home Theater System is not like a lot of the cheap wireless systems that have been available up to this point. These are high-end speakers that can really fill your home theater room with great sound. Check out the details in my product overview.

How to Adjust ISO Settings on DSLRs

Adjust your digital single-lens reflex camera's sensitivity to light before taking pictures. The International Standards Organization, or ISO, setting partially determines the clarity and sharpness of your photographs. Adjusting the camera to a low ISO number, such as 50, 100 or 200, makes the camer