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How to Set Up a PC to Use Voice Over IP

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly called VoIP, is technology that lets users make phone calls over the Internet instead of regular phone lines. You can use your computer to do this without any really special equipment, and usually for free, or you can pay a monthly or yearly fee and buy a devic

How to Improve Video From Old VCR Tapes

If you are like most people, you are almost ready to get rid of your old VCR, preferring a DVD or Blu-ray player. However, you may hesitate for fear of losing access to your collection of VHS tapes. Luckily, with a small investment, you can convert your collection to DVD, and improve the quality of

How to Program a Dish 500 Remote Control

The Platinum remote control comes with the Dish 500 satellite dish. The remote control can be programmed to control the TV, VCR, DVD player or a second TV. Programming the remote control is done by installing codes into the remote for each of the electronics you want it to control. If you do not hav

LG Viewty Tricks

Becoming familiar with the LG Viewty Snap's specifications and features will help you find a few tricks and tips, which will help you get the most out of the phone. Released in 2010, the Viewty Snap comes with a variety of features, such as expandable memory, a built-in digital camera and Bluetooth

How to Get T-Mobile Ringtones

While the ringtones that come on your T-Mobile phone are decent, most people prefer to download ringtones that fit their personality and style. Follow the steps below to download T-Mobile ringtones either online or through your cell phone.

How to Cut a SIM Card

Sometimes a SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) has to be cut in order for it to properly fit into your cell phone when you are either attempting to use an unlocked phone, or when you want to operate your cell phone with dual SIM cards. The process of cutting a SIM card may appear simple, but you

How to Upload Photos From a BlackBerry Tour to a Computer

Uploading photos saved on your BlackBerry Tour to the computer gives you the power to edit photos or share them from your computer. Uploading photos from your phone does not require you to download or install additional software on your computer. When photos are uploaded from your phone, they are co

Difference Between Plasma LCD & Projection TV

Digital televisions come in two primary iterations: flat panel and rear projection. Of the flat panel variety, LCD and plasma are the two main players. With rear projection, DLP, or digital light processing, is the main entrant, with the exit of CRT rear projection around 2005. Although there are

Various Types of Testing Equipments

Electronic gadgets and some other equipments are becoming part of our day to day life. Since, the world is becoming technologically advance, these gadgets too are becoming advanced and far more effici

How to Make Your Own Ringtones for an LG Chocolate

Besides the polyphonic ringtones on the LG Chocolate, MP3s are the only supported audio format for using your own music as ringtones. Creating your own ringtones, however, is an easy process using software that comes standard with every PC or Mac: Windows Media Player and iTunes. Another useful prog

Bluetooth TB-31 Instructions

TrueBlue is an electronics manufacturer that has developed several Bluetooth headsets. These headsets can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, most notably cell phones. The TB-31 is one of TrueBlue's signature headsets. Prior to using the TB-31, the headset must be paired with a cell phone. The

Palm Pilot Strengths

The Palm Pilot has strong internal and external working on pda image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comThe Palm Pilot consists of two second-generation PDA devices: the Palm Pilot Personal and the Palm Pilot Professional. This family of two products enables users on the go to...

How to Install a TV Antenna on the AV Plugs

Connecting a television antenna to AV (audio-video) plugs requires an intermediate component called a digital converter box, which is used to process over-the-air television signals for viewing on older TV sets, such as cathode ray-tube models. TV antennas also connect with a coaxial cable, so hooki

3G Mobile Samsung Galaxy W coming soon

Many mobile companies are manufacturing the best and technical mobiles for us. The Samsung mobiles company is one of the world's largest

How Do I Get My Pictures to Save on My Media Card on My Blackberry Curve?

A great feature of the BlackBerry Curve is the ability to expand its memory. Although this smart phone comes with a decent amount of on-board memory, if you like taking pictures with your phone, you can use a Micro SD card to store more pictures on your device. Setting your BlackBerry to save pictur