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Learning Spanish- A Choice Of Methods

There are several types of course you can take if you want to learn Spanish and while no one method will suit every person some are much more effective than others. Here we take a look at the types of course you can take and how effective they are likely to be.

cultural transmission

In linguistics, the process whereby a language is passed on from one generation to the next.

What Is Nonverbal Communication?

Nonverbal communication is the process of sending and receiving messages without using words, either spoken or written.


What does the French word pétillant mean? How is it pronounced and used?


(1) An insincere and/or excessively sentimental demonstration of pathos. (2) An abrupt and often ludicrous transition in style from the elevated to the ordinary.

Peser - to weigh

Learn how to conjugate peser, a stem-changing French verb.

Chinese Tea Information

Tea is the most popular beverage worldwide aside from water. It has been drunk for thousands of years. Many people enjoy the slightly bitter taste and the uplifting and energizing properties.

Zhongguancun Science Park

Zhongguancun Science Park was approved the establishment by the State Council of China as the first state-level hi-tech industrial zone in 1988. The Park located in Zhongguancun area covers the most intensive area of science, technology, intelligence, talent and information learn mandarinresources i

How to Look for French People

The search for a lost relative, acquaintance or former classmate requires both practiced diligence and a patient approach. For many, the rise of web-based location services promotes search efficiency, while providing an realistic avenue for reconnection with associates of French descent. In addition

How to Learn to Speak Conversational Spanish

Over 300 million people in 20 different countries speak Spanish worldwide, making it the third most commonly spoken language in the world. Though Spanish is primarily a Latin-based language like French or Portuguese, it uses fewer distinct vocal sounds than these languages and is often considered ea


Learn basic Japanese language vocabulary for beverages with audio files.