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Traceroute Instructions

A utility used to show the path an Internet protocol packet takes as it travels to its destination, Traceroute is a command-line tool installed on all Windows operating systems. Traceroute, or Tracert, is beneficial for troubleshooting a network connection because it displays a list of all locations

How to Network Two Wired Notebook & Desktop Computers

The process behind the creation of a home network is simpler than ever with Microsoft Windows-based computers. In order to create a wired network for two computers (whether they are notebooks, desktops or one of each), a router is required. (Routers can be purchased at nearly any computer/technology

How to Get a Laptop to Quit Hibernating

Hibernate is a power-management feature in Windows XP that saves your desktop and then shuts down. It is a way to shut down your laptop quickly and save your data. Depending on which power scheme you are using on your laptop, the hibernate feature may initiate itself if the laptop is left idle for a

How to Care for & Clean a Laptop Screen

Laptop screens may seem sturdy, but they can be sensitive to damage when abused. Each pixel on your screen--a unit of measurement equal to 0.010416667 inches--has its own liquid crystal transistor element. Damage to a single pixel can cause it to stop functioning, leaving a black or blue spot on you

About HDTV Flat Panel Monitors

High definition television sets have definitely taken the consumer world by storm, and now outpace standard TVs in terms of sales and stock. However, in addition to HDTVs, HD monitors have also started appearing in large numbers. Although these monitors have not had the profound consumer impact that

What Is a Logic Board?

A logic board is a computer part made by the company Apple. Apple is best known for its laptops, MP3 players and the iPhone. The logic board houses the internal circuitry of the computers.

How to Use a Command for System Restore

There are a lot of ways that a computer can become infected with viruses and malware. If your computer is not working properly or has become very slow, you might think of reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling your operating system. Many users don't know that they can do a system restore and

How to Change the CMOS Battery in an IBM ThinkPad 600

The IBM ThinkPad 600 is a personal laptop computer installed with the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system. The motherboard is equipped with a CMOS battery that provides the power necessary to keep the date and time current as well as saving basic hardware settings. If the battery wears out, it sho

Canon Pixma MP480 Troubleshooting

The Pixma MP480 is one of several all-in-one printer models made by Canon. This printer can print documents and photos and perform scan and fax functions. It has the capability of printing up to 20 pages per minute in black and up to 16 pages per minute in color with a 100-sheet paper tray capacity.

How to Backup Microsoft DNS

The Windows 2008 operating system provides you with Domain Name Services (DNS). The DNS settings on your server can take hours to set up if you lose the settings after a hard drive failure. For this reason, Microsoft has a backup command line utility that stores the server's system state. A system s

How to Reboot My Computer With the Run Command

Having to reboot the computer is an inevitability. There are several reasons a person has to reboot her computer. Software is usually the culprit. Not picking up a signal through the wireless modem, Internet Explorer constantly crashing or some other third-party faux pas are good reasons to reboot t

How to Change My Floppy Drive 'A:' to Look at My USB Stick

The floppy disk drive on your computer is marked as the "A:" drive. All pre-installed drives on your computer have some sort of drive letter marking. This allows you to easily identify the drive on your computer. However, when connecting USB flash drive sticks to your computer you may want to change

Three Tips to Save Money on Your Large - Format Printer Usage

Anyone running a small business enterprise would know that it is important to maximize the use of one's resources while trying to maintain operational costs at an absolute minimum. This is not any different with running a printing shop. In fact, with the current state of the economy, it is a mu

How to Install an Internal Wireless Card on a Compaq Evo N180

The Compaq Evo N180 is a laptop computer that runs Windows-based operating systems. Although the laptop does not have a built-in wireless adapter, it is possible to install a wireless card into one of the USB ports on the side of the laptop. These ports allow you to connect and run additional hardwa

How to Convert Movies for the iPad on a Mac

Apple's iPad tablet device synchronizes with a computer to transfer music files, pictures and games. The iTunes program that comes built into Mac computers can transfer movies to the device and also convert movies in incompatible formats.

How to Best Present a Speech Using Data

Presenting a speech is more than standing in front of a group of people and reading from note cards. You must be an authority on your subject, and be prepared to answer any questions members of the audience might have. Remember that the audience is judging you from the moment they see you (before yo

How Do I Save a File in Xcode?

Apple xCode Development Tools is a powerful and user friendly software that allows the creation of applications for Mac OS X, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Once you have gotten a start on your new application, you will find that in order to add files to the application and build, compile and test you