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Things to Know When Replacing Your iPhone Communication Board

What exactly does your iPhone communication board do, and what are your options if it stops working properly? The iPhone communication board is as important to the use of the iPhone as it is complex. It is difficult to replace because it has several parts to it. Basically, the board controls the wir

How to Enable Bluetooth in Dell Latitude D610

The Dell Latitude D610 is a slim, easy-to-carry laptop with an array of features geared towards the modern business professional seeking a mobile solution. In its standard configuration, the Latitude D610 comes equipped with a 1.86 GHz Pentium M processor, 512 MB of DDR2 SDRAM, 40 GB of hard drive s

The Function of Secondary Storage

The function of secondary storage is the long-term retention of data in a computer system. Unlike primary storage, or what we refer to as memory, secondary storage is non-volatile and not cleared when the computer is powered off and back on. Secondary storage is cheaper than primary storage but is a

How to Make a Data DVD With Nero

There are so many programs that burn CDs and DVDs available that sometimes the hardest part of the process is simply picking which program to use. Nero Burning Rom, made by Ahead, has been on the market for the better part of a decade and has been used by customers all over the world. If you're new

How to Take Screenshots With Mac OSX

If you're lucky enough to have a Mac running with OSX there are plenty of reasons to be happy. One of them is your computer can take screenshots of anything. That's right, anything on your screen can be turned into a picture!

How to Completely Remove the History From a Hard Drive

If you're thinking about upgrading the hard drive in your personal computer and would like to get rid of your old drive, you are going to want to remove all history and data from the device to prevent theft of any personal information stored on the drive. There are many ways to wipe a hard drive of

How to Lock a Netgear Network on Mac

Most Netgear wireless routers ship with an unencrypted wireless network already configured to allow you to connect the network as quickly as possible. Netgear routers include Microsoft Windows-based software to aid in configuring and securing the router, but this software is incompatible with Macint

How to Replace an LCD Monitor Power Supply

An LCD monitor derives its power from an internal component known as the power supply unit (PSU). The PSU is responsible for supplying power to the monitor to turn on and light pixels on the screen. When an LCD monitor is provided with an inadequate power supply, it starts to malfunction or does not

How to Replace a CD Drive in an Acer Laptop

Replacing a CD drive in an Acer laptop can be completed in just a few minutes. Occasionally, the CD drive might get damaged or you might want to update the drive to a newer model without replacing the entire laptop. The Acer CD drive can be changed out by removing just a few parts. You can replace t

How to Install an Creative Labs X Fi Xtreme Audio Sound Card Into a Gateway

The X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card from Creative Labs is designed to give PC owners full 5.1 stereo surround sound. This card is not featured in many computers that are purchased "off the shelf" and usually has to be bought as a stand-alone sound card. Installing the X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card is no

Windows Recycle Bin Problems

When working correctly, the Recycle Bin stores files you want to delete until you manually delete them. Recycle Bin problems include failure to delete, failure to function properly and error messages.

How to Run Quicken PC on a Mac

Quicken is a personal finance application developed by Intuit Inc. of Mountain View, Calif. Intuit offers the product for both PC and Mac systems, but the company does not offer the same features on each platform. Over the years, Intuit has added features to the PC version that aren’t availabl

Tdk D2404-100 Lto 1 Impressive, Scalable, Strong Media Cartridge

TDK Corporation is one of the most reliable and dependable magnetic tape manufacturer, TDK starts its magnetic tape production back in the early 50s, and since then developed many reliable and handy techniques for improvement of magnetic tape quality.

How to Pull Up the Pictures on an SD Card From a Computer

You have hundreds of pictures from your summer vacation and you want to show them off to the family. Most digital cameras store photos on a memory device called a SD card. Your computer can read the SD card so you can view and transfer the files. A lot of computers come with a SD card slot on the co

How to Remove Password Protection on Word

Microsoft Office gives users the option of adding a password to protect their documents. Adding a password on Microsoft Word documents allows you to control access to the document and prevent others from modifying the document. It also protects the document from format changes. If you decide it's no

Discovering Valuable Facts About Google Redirect Virus Removal

Among the most dangerous threats that could affect your web browser is Google Redirect Virus. Influencing the web page results of the most commonly used search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask is what this virus does.Because more people are using Google than other search engines, the virus

Best Cheap Dell Inspiron i15R-1775MRB 15.6-Inch Laptop

The Dell Inspiron i15R-1775MRB 15.6-Inch Laptop features 15.6-inch high-definition LCD with 1366 x 768-pixel resolution for native HD 720p display. Windows 7 Home Premium makes it easy to create a home network and share all ...

The Advantages of Presentation Server Client

A Presentation Server client is a Thin Client.computers network image by Orlando Florin Rosu from Fotolia.comCitrix Systems produced the Presentation Server. The company has since changed the name of this product to XenApp. Presentation Server is a Thin Client system in which client...

How to Use the Network on the Samsung S5600

The Samsung GT-S5600 features the ability to connect to your cellular service provider's data network. This device cannot connect to Wi-Fi networks. To use a cellular network on your Samsung GT-S5600, you will need to obtain a SIM card from your service provider and subscribe to a data package. Most