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Mac Time Capsule Helps Mac Users Take A Backup To Their PC

Taking a backup is important to make sure that you do not end up losing your data entirely. It can be costly to recover data and this makes it very important to have a backup of your most important documents or data to avoid frustrations in such occurrences. As such, it seems a valueless process whi

How to Reset an Epson 1280 Counter

The Epson 1280 printer comes with "counters" that keep track of the number of documents printed and the amount of printing material used. To reset the counters and settings on your printer, you must perform specific action within the printer menu.

How to Block a Website From an Apple Computer

The Internet's easy access to so many types of questionable content makes it more difficult than ever for parents to protect their children. If you have an Apple computer, there is no self-evident way to prevent access to questionable sites except through the Safari web browser, which can easily be

What Causes a Computer Fan to Run Really Loud?

If your computer fan is running really loud, a number of culprits may be to blame. If a fan runs loudly, it typically is not working well enough to provide adequate cooling, so take care of the issue as soon as possible.

How to Connect Laptop to TV Using S Video

You can watch movies, surf the Internet or have a video chat by connecting your laptop to your TV using your S video port. S video stands for Super video and is an advanced analog connector. This connection typically uses the two round, colored cables commonly found on TV sets: white for left audio,

How to Configure Using a Desktop Monitor With a Laptop

Almost every laptop computer comes with a built-in VGA port for you to connect either a projector or an external monitor or similar. The purpose of using a desktop monitor is that it will let you have a bigger screen. Many people connect their laptops to a desktop monitor and regular size keyboard w

What Are the Functions of Varistor?

Varistors are voltage-controlled resistors. They are common in outlet strips, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and on electrical power lines.

Lamborghini Laptop Specs

The ASUS Lamborghini VX2S-B1B laptop, priced at $2,910 at the time of its release, is designed with luxury in mind. Available with a glossy black or gold case, the laptop is modeled after the sleek form of the Lamborghini car. Before purchasing a VX2S laptop, you should consider its...

4 Useful Things You Can Do With an Old PC That Still Works

Have you bought a new PC and then wished you knew what to do with your old computer? Lots of people buy a new computer because it has become too slow, and although the old one still works, it is put to one side and eventually thrown out. That can be a real waste of a tool that may work perfectly wit

Authentication Vs. Validation

Authentication and validation are common Internet terms, and they sound as if they might mean similar things, but they do not. Authentication is verifying a user's identity, whereas validation refers to making certain that Web code is working correctly.

How to Build a Hipster PDA Case

Traditionally, a Hipster PDA -- or HPDA -- has consisted of a modest stack of note cards held together with some kind of office clip. Along these lines, a more contemporary or efficient way to keep your personal notes in order has evolved. Using this newer method, the pages of your HPDA won't become

How to Have a Windows Name and Password in One Location

Windows users have the option to set up a login name and password for security of the operating system, and that same protection can also follow a person to other Windows services and features. A user can link a Windows user account to an email service, such as "Windows Live." People can link the lo

How to Erase the Hard Drive in an HP System Recovery

Hewitt Packard has various computer systems including laptops and desktops. Within all HP computers are back up resources, called the System Recovery. The System Recovery allows users to fix their system themselves by using various options such as system restore, which will back date the computer to

How to Determine What Type of Graphics Card Is Appropriate

A graphics card is the set of computer circuitry that processes the video signals a computer receives and sends them to monitors and software that use graphics information. The graphics card is like a small PC within your PC that is dedicated to graphics applications. The kind you select will depen

How to Activate the Fingerprint Scanner on an HP 6910P

The fingerprint scanner on your HP 6910P offers extra security for your notebook as well as a quick way to log on to your computer and access Web sites that require passwords. After you have your laptop up and running, you can register your fingerprint. When your fingerprint is registered, you can a

So you have cracked your pc screen, currently what?

You have an accident and also currently you have a damaged pc screen.It's a tense occasion, yet there're selections.So don't throw away your pc smoothly yet.What to do with a pc with a cracked screen ...

What Is a DMG File?

A .DMG file is one of the many file types you will find when using a Mac. A .DMG file is a proprietary format, which means it is intended to be used solely with the Mac operating system, though it is possible for Windows and Linux users to enjoy the benefits of these files as well.

Computers And IT Jobs On Online Classifieds

Online classifieds have taken the world by storm. With a range of categories available on these sites, these classifieds ensure to fulfil the multiple needs of its users. One can search from categories such as ...

How to Disassamble a HP Pavilion dv6

The dv6 is a line of laptops manufactured by Hewlett-Packard. During the life of your laptop, you may have to perform repairs or general maintenance from time to time. Fortunately, HP kept the average user in mind while designing dv6 laptops. Many repairs and upgrades can be performed with little te