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How to Reduce Computer Fan Noise

Noise in a computer fan is usually related to dust inside the power supply fan or the CPU fan. Cleaning dust from the fans inside a computer is an easy process that will improve the performance of the computer fan, and eliminate annoying and distracting noise coming from the computer.

Windows Hosting - Read More About It

When it comes to web hosting, you have a slew of options to choose from and as such, finding one that suits your needs quite perfectly won't be too hard to accomplish. Amongst the most popular options available out there would be Windows hosting.

Homemade Wireless Router Antennas

A wireless router’s purpose is to enable an Internet modem to provide a number of devices with a wireless Internet signal. Boosting the router’s antenna ensures that the wireless signal can be received without interference or loss of signal strength. A homemade antenna will aid the exist

How to Transfer From a PC to a Laptop

Whether you upgrading to a new computer, syncing data across two machines, or just moving important files to another computer it is important to be able to move data between two computers efficiently. USB (or "flash" or "jump") drives or external hard drives make transferring data between a PC and a

How to Install Memory on an HP 2840

The Color LaserJet 2840 is an all-in-one printer manufactured by HP. According to HP, for complex print jobs you may need to install more memory in the 2840. Luckily, RAM is easily accessed on this printer, allowing for a quick upgrade.

How to Increase PC speed?

"How to speed up PC performance" - this is the question of every computer users. Typically, computes slow down for various reasons and if you employ some simple techniques you can easily enhance your PC ...

How to Use an iPad Screen for a Mac

Using an iPad as an external monitor for your Mac requires a wireless connection and the Apple Air Display application. In addition to the iPad, Air display allows users to use their iPhone and iPod touch as an external viewing device, provided it falls within range of the wireless signal. Air Displ

Purchasing a Public Address System? You Need to Read These Tips Now!

Without a proper PA system a public speech can become an unintelligible mess that nobody in the crowd hears nor enjoys. The excruciating squealing sound caused by a poorly adjusted system not only annoys, it can also cause hearing damage. Even worse, sometimes the wellbeing of individuals might be d

How to Connect a Mac Mini With a Flat TV

Apple's Mac Mini is a powerful desktop computer. Unlike many Windows- and Linux-based PCs, however, it cannot connect directly to the largely VGA-compatible flat panels and LCD monitors. This is due to the mini DVI port used by the Mac Mini. With an adapter and a longer connector cable, you can conn

An Overview Of HP Pavilion p6670t

HP Pavilion p6670t is an HP product that has been launched for its quality conscious customers. The system comes with a basic composition of; 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3-540 dual-core processor, a 4 GB of DDR-3 1333 MHz SDRAM, a 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA 3GB/s hard drive and an Integrated Graphics card of Int

What Is a Digitizer?

Digitizers convert analog or physical input into digital images. This makes them related to both scanners and mice, although current digitizers serve completely different roles.

How to Make a Movie Using a Webcam

Although webcams are not as portable as a standard video camera, nor do the cameras have built-in memory, you can still create a video with the digital webcam. The video is imported directly to a connected computer and saved with the software used by the webcam (this program comes with the webcam up

How to Edit My BIOS With Grub

If you run an IBM computer, chances are you are using the Basic Input/Output System to boot the machine. Generally, this runs in the background, but occasionally you may need to edit it. Because BIOS controls how the machine operates, though, editing it while simultaneously running it can be dangero

Used IBM Servers: Advancing Infrastructure Technology to the Next Level

Three basic types of used IBM servers are available for business applications, and each has a specific role as an organization expands. A typical initial startup involves the incorporation of single or multiple towers capable of performing every task needed by a business. As data storage requirement

How to Reset a Lost Windows Password

Windows is far and away the most popular and widely used operating system for personal computers in the world. Produced and distributed by Microsoft, there are three versions of Windows currently being supported by the company: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows systems allow users to

G-Technology G-Drive External Hard Drive Review

The 2TB G-Technology G-Drive eSATA external hard drive is the latest drive by G-Technology, who is part of the Hitachi Global Storage Technologies family. It has a striking appearance, but is it a home run or one for the bench?

RAM Memory Installation

As computers age they tend to slow down. Modern large applications may take a long time to load or run poorly once they are launched. Though it's possible that you may need to replace your old system, there is a cheap upgrade that may provide the performance increase you require without the cost of