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How to Add a Widget to a Dashboard

The Dashboard for Mac OS X is a semi-transparent layer that appears on the screen when accessed via one of various methods (such as a gesture or a function key). It allows you to use widgets, which are lightweight applications that are designed to help you accomplish specific tasks or entertain you.

How to Burn an Image to CD Using Nero Express

Nero Express is an optical disc authoring program created by Nero AG and part of the software called Nero Suite. An image file or ISO is an archive file for an optical disk, such as a CD. Burning an image to a CD is simply a way of saving files or backing them up, in a condensed format. ISO images d

How to Install a Second Hard Drive in a Dell

When you want to expand the storage space on your computer, one of the least expensive ways is to add a second hard drive. There are many types of hard drives made today, available at electronics stores and general department stores. Just about every computer made today has all the parts and conne

How to Add a Printer to a Network in Windows

Sharing a printer on a network is beneficial for many reasons. Instead of having to buy multiple devices for everyone in your home or office, everyone can access the same device and print from it. The process of setting up your own printer on a network is very simple and is explained in these steps.

Information Regarding Off Lease Equipment

Off lease equipment could be a fast and easy method which will have a very positive impact on one's business. It is a good way to grow the business and prevent the expenses while not ...

How Do Toner Ink Cartridges Work?

Toner ink cartridges are the types of cartridges used in laser jet printers and copy machines. The cartridge is filled with very fine powdered ink, usually there is a thermal drum that heats up that is not a part of the cartridge but instead a permanent fixture of the copy machine or the printer.

How to Format an Undetected Flash Drive

Sometimes, when you insert a flash drive into your computer, it can be "undetected" by the operating system. In these situations, the flash drive shows up as a hardware device attached to the computer, but it is unusable, and you can't access it with any software programs. If this has happened to yo

How to Remove Transponder VX2

Transponder VX2 is a browser helper that installs on your computer and monitors the web pages you view and information filled in on Internet forms. This information is sent to a server or third-party advertisers and is used to display frequent annoying pop-ups every time you browse the Internet. Tra

Selecting a Touchscreen For an Industrial Application

Touchscreen monitors are an ideal tool for any industrial, production or manufacturing environment. Some touchscreens are ideal for working in dirty environments as they can tolerate dirt and moisture that would quickly disable a keyboard or a mouse, whilst other varieties of touch screen are incred

Canon S820 Printer Problems

The Canon S820 is an inkjet printer designed for personal use in a home-office or academic environment. It features a maximum print resolution of 2400 by 1200 dots per inch, individually replaceable color ink tanks, borderless printing capabilities and support for a range of media including envelope

How to Rename a Server Running Microsoft SQL Server 2000

SQL Server is a database engine that holds all of your business records. The database is typically installed on a server operating system such as Windows 2003 or Windows 2008. You can rename the server without worrying about affecting the SQL Server service. When the server is renamed, the SQL Serve

Why Doesn't My Canon MP130 Pixma Print Well After Cleaning?

Running the standard cleaning function on the Canon Pixma MP130 may not improve your printer's print quality. By understanding why the MP130 is not printing well and taking further action, you can restore the printer.

Important Tips To Back Up Outlook Express Data

Outlook Express is an email client from the house of Microsoft which is used to stay in touch with your friends and family, as well as share information in newsgroups with other users. Explore this article and learn how to backup Outlook Express data easily.

How to Enable Vista to Read an MRW Format CD Disk

The MRW format is a format used to store information on certain types of optical media. Reading these disks on your Vista computer requires that you have a drive or software capable of translating the MRW format into something more readily understood by the computer. Accomplish this by installing th

The Choice Of Printer Repair

Nothing is worse then going to print out an important document and finding that your printer has ceased to function. We all know the drill; we're getting error messages left and right; over and over again we open up the machine and unleash the many hidden compartments looking for a jammed piece

HP Color Deskjet D4360 Ink Review

The HP Deskjet D4360's big claims in the design department rest on it being small and pretty cheap to both purchase and run. To an extent this has appeal; if you don't require a scanner/copier/fax, why waste desk space or cash upon one?

Zebra S4M Barcode Printer - The Next Generation of the Stripe Series

Has Zebra answered the question of - What ever happened to the old Zebra Stripe Printers? The New S4M series barcode printers by Zebra provides the rugged metal case along with the side loading print head design that makes loading media a snap. But will it endure the long lasting tradition of the ol

How to Check a Skype Webcam

Setting up a webcam and using it while you chat can make talking on Skype a more personal and enjoyable experience. To video chat with others, you must have a webcam properly set up and working. If you are not sure if the webcam is working, you can test it using Skype. Skype includes a feature that

Can You Use Modbus With FC Danfoss Drives?

Many businesses require large HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning) systems for overall climate control, such as for a cold storage company. Modbus and FC Danfoss drives offer a combined solution for controlling the multiple components in the system.