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How to Hand Stamp a Fabric

Transform an ordinary fabric into one that is extraordinary by hand stamping it with rubber stamps and paint. Rubber stamps come in many shapes and sizes with just about any design you can think of, but are not just for paper items. Rubber stamps, with the help of some other basic craft supplies, ca

How to Paint Lap Siding

Lap siding is a type of exterior surface consisting of overlapping nailed planks. This particular type of siding can consist of wood or vinyl. If you wish to paint your lap siding, you will have to condition the surface a particular way based on the type of material you are working with. In addition

How to Draw Female Musculature

Capturing the female body in a drawing can be a challenging process. Many artists strive to find the balance of femininity and female musculature as they develop the women in their drawings. Finding this balance can help you draw women who are proportionate and realistic, while helping you build you

How to Use Latex in LARP

Live action role playing (LARP) is a type of interactive gaming in which players assume the identities of characters. It is similar to improvisational theater. You can use latex to make false noses and ears for LARP. You can also make realistic wounds or terrifying zombies, using liquid latex and a

How to Remove Tape Off of a Painted Door

Painter's tape is a great tool to keep edges straight when you paint walls, windows and doors. Without it, painting jobs look sloppy and will eventually have to be redone. Tape can also linger on a door after you use it to display a sign or when you cover the door's window with paper. A problem may

Q&A; with Yoshitaka Amano - Page 2

Read a Q&A session with legendary character designer, artist and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano from New York Anime Festival 2008. Find out why the artist behind Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D loves American superhero comics, how he straddles the worlds of fine art, video games and manga and his cr

Exterior Lead-Based Paint Removal

Lead was an additive in residential house paint for many years because it improve appearance, durability and moisture resistance, and it expedited drying. Because lead was found to be toxic and a major health hazard, its use was outlawed by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1977. Whenever a hom

How to Draw a Camptosaurus

Dinosaurs capture the imagination of many artists. The ability to draw opens up ancient worlds and shows you animals that have been extinct for millions of years. Dinosaurs came in a wide variety from meat to plant eaters. One such plant eating dinosaur was the Camptosaurus, which had some interesti

Drawing Lessons And Technqiues

Drawing Lessons The Drawing Academy course presents a variety of 'how to draw' lessons. This is probably one of the last lessons for you to enjoy in this course. We are working hard on a ...

How to Draw Ladybugs With a Pencil

A ladybug is a six-legged beetle with distinctive coloring and shape. A well-known gardener's friend, ladybugs are often welcome in a home landscape because they eat other insects that attack plants and vegetables. Basic artistic talents will enable you to draw ladybugs with a pencil, adding color a

How to Remove Lead Paint From Doors

If your home was built prior to 1978, it probably contains lead paint. Doors and other high-friction areas in the home upset the paint and cause lead dust to be released into the air, collecting on floors and other surfaces where it is likely to be ingested by small children. It is possible to remov

How to Correct Orange Peel When Spray Painting

"Orange peel" occurs on the surface of some items while painting. Rather than appearing smooth and shiny, orange peel paint dries with a mottled, matte finish much like the look and texture of an orange peel. This happens when atomized paint fuses poorly on the surface. In other words, it occurs whe

How to Paint Bare Wood

Doing a home improvement project right the first time is less expensive than doing it over. This motto applies to painting bare wood, which, if done incorrectly, can cost you not only money but time.

Different Kinds of Paints for a Canvas

Canvas has been used by artists since around the 16th century, when it was adopted by Italian portrait painters. It is a flexible surface for paintings of any size, and can be adapted for use with a variety of different types of paint from oil paints to ink.

How to Draw a Shadow on a 3-D Pyramid

Learning to shade basic geometric shapes is a useful lesson for beginning drawers. Once you've learned how to add shadows to these basic shapes, you can graduate to more difficult subjects such as shading complex landscapes and scenes. As you learn to shade drawings of pyramids, it will help to stud