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Diabetes, Estrogen and Breast Cancer

Estrogen regulates the growth of the mammary glands, and its function is mediated by receptors that allow certain elements to absorb estrogen. The relationship between steroid hormones and postmenopausal women has been assessed in at least fourteen studies over the last twenty years, and most of the

Turmeric Cure for Cancer

Turmeric is shown to have many health benefits, the biggest one being a cure for cancer. Garlic is also believed to be a cancer fighting spice. Turmeric has many other health benefits if taken as part of a healthy diet such as being a natural antiseptic, a liver detoxifier, has anti inflammatory pro

Facts About Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer is a degenerative disease and if it has been diagnosed in the last stages, then it is fatal for the person. Pancreas is an organ that is located inside the stomach. It is very important for the metabolism of the body and it is divided into exocrine and endocrine, based on its functions.

Personalizing the Treatment of Early Breast Cancer

The 13th St Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference (2013) Expert Panel reviewed and endorsed substantial new evidence on aspects of the local and regional therapies for early breast cancer, supporting less extensive surgery to the axilla and shorter durations of radiation therapy and much mor

Who Cares When The Family Doesn't Care?

What must a poor patient do when the very family members that are critically needed for support adopt attitudes that vary from indifference to downright resentment of the patient for getting cancer in the first place? Fortunately, this seems to be a rare occurrence as family members are generally no

Elizabeth Edwards' Breast Cancer Back

Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, announced Thursday that her breast cancer, originally diagnosed in 2004, has returned.

5 Types Of Breast Cancer In The World

Breast cancer is the leading killer every year for women in the US. But sometimes, men can get it too, although the percentage of them getting it is low, compared to women.

Cervical Cancer - Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

Despite the fact that cervical cancer has been identified as the second most common cancer among women worldwide as research has consistently shown that it kills more than 300,000 women yearly. Though it can be medically prevented, even in women at high risk, but due to the ignorance and non-challan

Can I Get a Colonoscopy Without Health Insurance?

Many people mistakenly think that no health insurance equals no colonoscopy screening for colon cancer. Many organizations help provide low and no-cost screening. Learn if you qualify for this wellness exam.

Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer Overview

Stage III ovarian cancer is a more serious level of cancer, which has spread to include the pelvic area and organs, and the abdominal organs (liver, bowels, lymph nodes, etc.), and it is easier to diagnose. This is a detailed overview of all aspects of stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Searching for Evidence-Based Oncology

Finding the best evidence to answer a clinical question can be daunting; however, the same general search strategies can be applied to oncology searches.

Are You Afraid to Get A Colonoscopy?

I'm 26 years old and I had to have my first colonoscopy done a few months back.My grandmother had and lost her battle against colon cancer.Of course this made me scared of what they may find but I found the American Cancer Society website useful to help calm down my nerves.

Getting Well With Dr. Coldwell - Early Warning Signs of Cancer

Cancer is most definitely a deadly disease that is affecting millions of lives worldwide. Science has made significant developments, but the cure methods of cancer still have certain side effects. As Dr. Leonard Coldwell states ...

Breath Temperature, Saliva, and Used to Identify Cancer

As commonly known in the biomedical community, genetic and epigenetic alterations are regarded as biomarkers for cancer detection, while some scientist looked for new candidates to indentify cancer, s