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Top Tips to Stop Repossession

With home repossession rates rising daily, don't let your dream property become another repossession statistic!Read these ten top tips to stop your home becoming repossessed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned professional; there are still some consistently common mistakes that people make. In this article I am going to outline the most common buyer mistakes and then show you how to avoid them. Be sure that when you buy a home that you stay focused and obje

Real Estate Ahmedabad - A Major Revenue Earner for Property Dealers

Property dealers have shifted its focus from major metros to tier-2 cities of India. In this context Ahmedabad can boast quite a bagful in terms of real estate investment. West India sure looks promising and has kicked off a good start with a share of Rs 17,745 crores in the modernization projects i

What Is the Different Between a Fixed Annuity & a Variable Annuity?

Fixed annuities are investment vehicles issued by insurance companies, on which they make fixed payments, determined by the money invested by the annuitant and that individual's age. Variable annuities are quite similar, but the size of payments changes with performance of the investment, and these

The House You See Today

Ever had that moment when you really wanted to buy or rent a particular real estate property.It could be a piece of land or a house available in the market that has gotten your fancy.One piece of advice a real estate broker or agent will give you: buy this real estate property before it is too late.

Spend Time in Marrakech

Marakech gives some thing very various for the more adventurou• traveller and oversµas residence onsumer. One partiular of t¦e mst beautifl, fashionable, exotic and advanced places in northern Africa, it is rµally effectively established as ...

Buying Your First Home in Las Vegas?

You finally decided to make a very major investment that is important in your life which is buying that first home in Las Vegas. You are very excited but somewhat worried at the same time.

Boxes For Moving Solve the Problem!

When moving home it is important to find the right boxes for moving. They have to be the right size and easy to carry. Make the research you need in order to find the right ones for you!

Alleviating Customer Concerns in New Home Sales

What may seem ridiculous to us may be a perceived reality to others. Most anger is derived from fear. When we are focused on alleviating our customers' fears we avoid and can eliminate these types of angry confrontations. However, it seems that no matter how thorough we are in explaining the po

New Mortgage Rules: Good News and Bad News

On January 17, 2011, Canada's Finance Minister Jim Flaherty unveiled three new mortgage rules to reduce growing levels of household debt. The rules are: 1) Amortization periods for new Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation-insured mortgages can no longer exceed 30 years. 2) 85% of your home

What Happens After I Short Sale My Home

As you probably already know, doing a short sale on your home could take many months. Say you have missed a payment or two and you are in need of short selling your home. You ...

Check The Affordable Options For Plots And Land In Noida

There are areas of Noida that are under the transformation process still and these include Noida expressway, Noida extension and Greater Noida. Residential land for sale Noida is available at affordable costs from certain developers of the region.

Tips on Choosing Condo Insurance Coverage

Living in a condo does not keep you from experiencing emergencies, which is why it's just as important to get condo insurance as it is to get home insurance. In the case of a burglary ...