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Chief Office Manager Job Description

Chief office managers are more commonly known as chief administration officers (CAO) or chief administrative executives. They typically report to a company's chief executive officer (CEO) and are peers with the chief operating officer (COO) and other executive managers. CAOs operate at the organizat

Love Helping People? Consider a Nursing Degree

Nursing is a career that is highly intrinsically rewarding as well as one that is always in great demand. There are many reasons to become a nurse, especially if you are the kind of person who is naturally drawn to helping people.

Health Information Specialist Job Description

A health information specialist is health care professional involved in organizing and recording a patient's medical records. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for health information specialists will increase by 18 percent through 2016, resulting in the creation of 30,000

The Effect of Multitasking on the Productivity in Organizations

Most computer users are familiar with multitasking, as computers can seamlessly switch from one task to another or do more than one task at a time. Employees within an organization can also multitask when they switch from one project or task to another. This kind of multitasking can have some benefi

The Skill of Asking Questions

There are numerous benefits to being skilled at asking questions. Some types of questions are better than others. Learn how to ask questions that get results and how to avoid problematic questions.

Multiple Job Offers and Stalling For Time

There is a great deal of material out there concerning how to get job interviews and what to do during job interviews. However, without the benefit of a recruiter, many are lost in the end game. Here are some tips for dealing with accepting offers and stalling when waiting for another expected offer

Starting a Chiropractic Clinic the Right Way in 2012

What You Need To Know To Be Competitive and Successful The chiropractic marketplace is highly competitive and if you're looking to start your practice in 2012 working with a marketing and dev

The Average Salary of a Train Engineer

A train engineer, or locomotive engineer, drives large locomotives that transport passengers or cargo. Locomotive engineers are some of the most highly trained and experienced rail employees. Locomotive engineers are trained to control an intricate and powerful machine, ensuring the safety of its pa

Five Ways to Finding a Job

Five Ways to Finding a Job Let's face it; job hunting [] is no easy task, especially with many companies reworking their policies. There are jobs to be had out there; you just need to ...

Background Checks Are Needed to Review Trust

The big issue that so many people have when trying to hire new faces for the workplace or other situations where a person is needed comes from how trustworthy someone really is. The big issue that a person who is not necessarily perfect in nature might be someone who is hard to trust. This is where

The Median Starting Salary for a Retail Pharmacist in California

Pharmacists make some of the top salaries in the medical field, after physicians and surgeons. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were a total of 23,540 pharmacists in California in 2010. Salaries for pharmacists in California tend to exceed the salaries for other pharmacists nationw

Types of Jobs Available After Ultrasound Specialist Training

This job offers great hourly salaries as well as other benefits and also the amount of training that is required to become sonographer, is actually far less when compared to additional medical professionals. These article ...