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Tips For Writing Great Web Content

A great place to learn the art of good copy writing is to analyze good sales letters. See how the direct marketers and copywriters make people to take action. How they use emotions to persuade you to take out your credit card from your wallet and give them the money.

Become a Blogger Premium Review - Blogging Video Course Membership

Are you wondering whether it is worth the money to join the Become a Blogger Premium Membership site? There is certainly a lot of appeal of making money from blogging at home, and it is starting to gain a lot of interest from individuals who are looking for a way to create an income at home.

Media Stake Out - Friend or Foe

Respect the POWER of the FORUM. I don't know about you, but I find it amazing how people misappropriate content on various social networks. I can't begin to summarize what a debilitating mistake this is. Looking for work, a candidate for marriage, being tried on a legal matter? Watch it, b

WordPress Plugin Review - DISQUS

DISQUS is a plugin that enhances the comment section of WordPress by providing a cleaner interface that promotes more discussion on your site. What It Does: DISQUS replaces or more exactly enhances the WordPress commenting system. It makes commenting easier and more interactive.

Five Ways A Blog Helps You To Market Your Business

This article is about why blogs are becoming an important marketing tool in 2005. A blog helps search engine rankings, expands your customer base, helps your site differentiate itself, lasts forever, and attracts new opportunities. The article expands on these 5 ideas.

10 Steps to a Killer Blog Post!

Ever wondered why some bloggers seem to have all the success, while you are sitting there typing away post after post - with no one reading? Here are a few tips I have tested that have not only worked for me, but that I have seen implemented in the majority of the top blogs.

Customizing WordPress and WP Graphics

As WordPress and blogging become more and more popular, the list of Customizing WordPress and WP Graphics options continues to grow. One can attribute that to each user wanting his or her blog to be u

How to Earn Money Blogging

Once you have a site up and running you can earn money blogging through a variety of means. Chief amongst these is AdSense, Clickbank and affiliate programs such as those of Amazon and eBay.

Blog to Generate Traffic for Websites on Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Indeed, blogging has become one of the best legit ways to make money online. But aside from being the sales vehicle itself, blogging can also work hand in hand with your website for traffic generation. As long as you create and maintain your blog in a way that would continuously foster trust and int

For Wordpress users version 1.5 new feature "Pages"

After many requests from wordpress users, the latest version of wordpress has a build in option to create static pages.You can use static pages for an about page, contact page, a links page, etc.

How to Keep Your Blog Readers

A lot of businesses, especially small businesses, are utilizing blogs and social media networks to attract readers to their website. By keeping the content and blogs fresh on your site you can ensure that people will keep coming back for more. Though a blog is difficult to maintain, it is essential

Reality Podcasting

Some of the more candid podcasts are finding a significant following. Perhaps the success of these podcasts is a direct reflection of Reality TV. The fame of unscripted ideas is a novel departure from more scripted shows that may sound more like traditional radio.

Essentials of Internet Marketing - How to Make Blogs

Getting your message out to the masses on the internet requires that you know how to make blogs. A Blog is a web log, a record of someone's experiences that they wish to share. Many people have something to say and want a record of their activities. A personal blog is the way to do this. You ma

How to Implement an Effective Blogging Strategy

Most business owners know that they should have a blog on their website, but often once the blog is in place, there's some hesitation or confusion about how best to use it. Filling your blog with content isn't something to be done randomly - you'll want to adopt a strategy to make sur

How to Monetize a Blog With Advertising

Advertising is the most popular way to make money with a blog. If you decide to place ads on your blog, you must then decide which type of ads to use. There are several different methods of advertising including banners, text ads and pop-ups. Below, you will find tips and ideas for choosing which ad