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Transmission Problems

A vehicle transmission is the unit in a car that sends, or "transmits," power from the engine to the drive wheels. It functions through a series of gears that maintain the proper power range between the engine and the wheels. There are two types of transmissions: a manual transmission, which require

Cadillac CTS Headlight Installation

If your Cadillac CTS headlights are broken, cracked or simply ugly, you may want to install a new pair. The headlight assemblies hold the high and low beams as well as the turning signal. They are a rather large housing and to install them, a few other parts have to come out, including the grille. T

How to Repair an AC Compressor Clutch

An air conditioning compressor clutch engages and disengages the compressor when the air conditioning is turned on and off. It is an electromagnetic-activated device. Its components consist of (from the compressor forward): the electromagnetic coil, the pulley and the clutch mechanism. When an elect

Information on Evinrude Outboard Motors

Legend has it that in 1906, Ole Evinrude and his fianceé were having a picnic on the island of a Wisconsin lake one hot summer day, when his fianceé announced she'd like ice cream. Ole rowed his boat back to shore and came to the conclusion that life would be a lot easier if his boat had a

Choosing a Classic Car Restoration Shop

Classic car restoration is an American pastime that typically starts at an early age. For most teenagers, learning how to drive is a rite of passage, but they soon get bored and the enthusiasm ends ...

How to De-Chrome Rims

Chrome plating on wheel rims is applied using an electroplating process. Of the two types of plating, hard and decorative, wheel rims are considered decorative plating, consisting of a thin chromium layer on top of a thicker nickel plating. The combination of these two metals produce chrome's charac

Trisodium Phosphate in the Soil

Phosphorous is an important soil nutrient that plays a role in the overall health of lawns, crops, garden vegetables and other plants. Trisodium phosphate, or TSP, is a form of phosphorous that can help protect the health of your plants, although it is not one of the more common forms of phosphorous

How to Replace a Neutral Safety Switch on a 1985 Toyota Camry

Your 1995 Toyota Camry comes with a special safety feature called a neutral safety switch. Your neutral safety switch is a special switch that keeps your Camry from being started in any position besides park or neutral. From time to time, mostly with age, your neutral safety switch can go bad. If th

How to Sand Your Avalanche Cladding

The cladding along the sides of a Chevrolet Avalanche is made of rigid gray plastic. Because gray is not a factory paint color, the cladding stands out (unless your Avalanche is custom painted gray) and is very noticeable against the sides of the truck. You can paint the cladding to match your Avala

Tips on Replacing Rotors

The rotor is a cast-iron disc attached to the wheel hub of a car that provides a friction surface for the braking system. Rotors can warp from the heat, be gouged from worn brake pads, become pitted and rusty and can crack. When any of these conditions are present, the rotor must be reconditioned or

How to Locate a Leak in a Radiator

Radiator leaks can cause the cooling system in your vehicle to fail and force your engine to overheat. The cooling system has a lot of different components, but the biggest one--the radiator--is key, and finding that leak is critical. Unfortunately, if your radiator does have a leak, then it most li

How to Clean the Camshaft Position Sensor on an Altima

The camshaft position sensor on a Nissan Altima is part of the network of electronic sensors that supplies information to the engine control module (ECM). The ECM uses this information to make decisions about various functions such as ignition timing, fuel delivery and idle speed. When the engine co

Nitro Engine Tuning Tips

A nitro engine is sophisticated and capable of turning in excess of 40,000 RPM.race car neon sign image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comA nitro engine is powered with a fuel mixed with nitromethane and methanol. A nitro engine is sophisticated and capable of turning in excess of 40,000 RPM. This...

How to Replace Ignition Wires

Ignition wires are designed to carry the high voltage generated by the ignition coil over to the spark plugs. Each spark plug has its own ignition wire (also called spark plug wires). Over time, ignition wires begin to wear out. The insulation can crack, allowing the high voltage to leak from the wi

Keep Money in Your Pocket With Auto Body Repairs

As our economy continues to get worse, we all continue to try to keep our money in our pockets. We are always trying to get the most for our buck and make it go as far as we can. As we try to keep the money in our pockets, things happen and we have to let a few go.

How to Change a Alternator in a 1990 Miata

After the engine starts, and the ignition key is returned from the start position to the run position, the alternator then takes over supplying the power requirements of the car. A defective alternator can cause damage to the battery and may leave you stranded on the side of the road.The alternator

Using A Hydraulic Jack To Raise A Sagging Floor

If you live in an old house may eventually over time the plants can begin to give a little, causing various issues in the home, the appearance of cracks in the tiled walls for cracks ...