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Chrome Wheel Problems

Chrome wheels have graduated to the big time. Once the exclusive province of young hotshots and "Fast and the Furious" wannabes, these wheels are now appreciated and used by a broad spectrum of auto enthusiasts. The shine of the wheels complements any custom job and can add resale value to a car on

How to Adjust the Rear Derailleur on a Specialized Rockhopper

The American company Specialized designs and manufactures many cycling components, clothing items and bicycles. One of their hard-tail mountain bikes is the Rockhopper, which has been on the market for over 20 years. The rear derailleur on the Rockhopper operates and is maintained like the derailleu

How to Clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor in a Mazda 626

The mass airflow sensor in a Mazda 626 is designed to provide the powertrain control module (PCM) with information about the amount of air that enters the engine. The mass airflow sensor also provides the PCM with information about the speed and density of that air. The PCM uses this data to make ca

Tire Brands

So I know we all want to know more about the different tires and tire manufacturers that we have on our car so that way when we have bald ones, we know which ones we ...

How to Set Points in a Chevy

With the introduction of electronic ignitions, mechanical point-type distributors were pretty much out of style by around 1975. Your mechanical point-type distributor uses "contact points" to trigger the spark from the ignition coil. When the cam lobe on the distributor shaft opens the points, the c

Specifications for an AEM Brute Force Cold Air Intake

The AEM Brute Force Cold Air Intake helps increase vehicle horsepower.engine image by goce risteski from Fotolia.comCold air intake devices improve vehicle performance. Many vehicles designed for racing have cold air intakes. The AEM company classifies itself as "the pioneer in sport...

How to Make the Grill on a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Look Better

Prone to many aftermarket modifications, the 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer has taken on a reputation of being a car for those looking to express their creative sides on their primary form of transportation. While many Lancer owners purchase body kits and shiny rims for their vehicle, not everyone has the

How to Replace the Ignition Switch in a 2003 Grand Am

Replacing a faulty ignition switch in the 2003 Pontiac Grand Am is a straightforward process that should take only about 15 minutes to complete. The most difficult part is making sure all of the trim panels line up properly when you reinstall them. You can purchase or order a replacement switch at m

How to Replace Struts on Your Car

WARNING: Do not attempt any automotive repairs without having proper experience or without consulting a licensed technician. Before you begin, always make sure you're vehicle is safely suspended on jack stands. Remove the tire from the vehicle.

How to Pull Codes on a 2007 Dodge for the Check Engine Light

When your 2007 Dodge's Check Engine" light comes on, there is a simple way to determine the diagnostic trouble codes yourself without the use of a diagnostic scanning tool, saving yourself a trip to a mechanic and possibly saving yourself some money. You might still have to have the Dodge worked on

Chevy Monte Carlo Turbo V6 History

Chevrolet produced the Monte Carlo Turbo V6 for the 1980 and 1981 models years. The turbo engine was not a Chevy powerplant but a Buick 3.8-liter V-6. A rocky economy in 1980 and 1981 led to poor overall automotive sales. Only a few thousand turbo Monte Carlo Turbo V-6s left the factory, prompting C

How to Remove the Ignition on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma

The ignition system on the Toyota Tacoma primarily consists of the ignition switch and the key lock cylinder. You can remove either one of these two components without removing the other. If only one needs replacing, you can do so separately. Both the switch and the cylinder are stored within the st

How to Replace the Windshield Wiper for a 2002 Ford Taurus

Windshield wipers on your 2002 Ford Taurus usually go unnoticed until you get caught in a rain storm, then you rapidly find out if your existing wipers are good enough to do the job. As windshield wipers age, the rubber dry-rots and cracks, preventing the blades from moving smoothly across the winds

How to Find a Code for My Radio

Your car's radio code is one of the best deterrents against theft. The reason is simple--without the code, your radio cannot operate. Most car owners will eventually face a time when they need the radio code to reprogram the radio. This usually happens when the battery gets too low or completely die

How do I Install a Speed Sensor on a 2005 Chevrolet Impala?

The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) on a 2005 Chevrolet Impala is located on the transmission housing. The computer uses the VSS to determine shift points, activate and deactivate cruise control, and maintain constant speed when using cruise control. The Impala's VSS is gear driven. If the VSS is not wor

How to Replace the Headlight on a 1996 Chrysler LHS

Damage to the headlight bulb in your LHS may occur due to a leak or crack in the headlight assembly. If dirt enters the headlight assembly, it creates deposits on the headlight bulb. This will make the bulb burn brighter and hotter during operation. The halogen headlight bulb should typically last 6

How to Replace Valve Cover Gasket in an Acura Integra

The valve cover gasket on your Acura Integra can start to deteriorate over time. This deterioration process can eventually result in oil leaks and smoke coming from your engine. To avoid experiencing this problem or to correct the problem, if you are currently experiencing it, you will need to repla

How to Unscrew the Tail Light on a 2002 Elantra

The tail lights on the 2002 Elantra illuminate every time that the head lights are turned on. Tail lights allow drivers behind you to see the rear of your car at night. Once the tail light bulbs burn out, your car becomes a safety hazard and a burned out tail light bulb can cause a driver to run int

What Is a Harmonic Balancer?

A harmonic balancer is a device that connects to the front of an engine's crankshaft to reduce vibrations from the crankshaft. It has two parts: a mass that connects to the crankshaft and a larger element that dissipates vibration.

How to Take the Tire Off a 2001 Ford F150 XL

Ford's trademark truck sat atop the American pickup heap for decades, primarily because of its reliability and versatility. Available in dozens of different body styles, engines and cab configurations, the F-150 made its name by becoming all things to all people. The tire replacement procedure for a