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How to Make a Beaded Seat Cover

Beaded seat covers can be as decorative as you like depending on the style and choice of bead. Mixing colors or changing the numbers of beads on each line will create different cushion sizes and styles. Beaded seat covers are great for warm summers because they help to keep the user cool by creating

Birthday Card Scrapbook Ideas

Feature vibrantly colorful cards from important people in your life.Happy Birthday Card. image by Trish from Fotolia.comIncluding birthday cards in your scrapbook adds more meaning to your photos because you can always go back and read what your cards say. You can feature a few of your...

How to Make Montessori Materials

Montessori materials are natural, functional and child sized. These items can help you to integrate your children into their home and teach them independence, order and good self-care. Use all the senses to provide educational tools and materials that you can make at home. Montessori materials meet

How to Get a Trapinch in "Sapphire"

The Pokemon Trapinch may not look imposing, but it is surprisingly powerful. It is a Ground-type Pokemon, so it is weak against Water-, Ice- and Grass-types, but it is strong against Fire-, Electric-, Poison-, Rock- and Steel-types. In addition, it comes with one of two abilities: Hyper Cutter and A

3D Modular Origami Letters Instructions

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. Modular origami involves folding multiple units of paper and piecing them together to build a more complex design. Create intricate designs by taking a flap from one piece of the origami and folding it into a pocket of another piece of the paper structur

How to Make an Animal Out of Recycled Stuff

Purchasing earth-friendly cleaning products and riding your bike to work are both ways to go green, but recycling items to make craft projects lets you be more environmentally friendly while also expressing your creativity. Save empty jars and old shirts to make animal crafts. Have your children cre

Fun Hobbies for Couples

When you enter a relationship, you may find that although you spend lots of time together, you still tend to pursue hobbies and special interests in the same way you did when you were single---alone. You may be surprised to know that even the most content of couples can enhance their relationship by

Small Woodwork Projects

Small Woodwork Projects Just about everyone will use carpentry at one point or another. This could be for just about anything. Most kitchen cabinets are made of wood. Wood can be used to build a ...

How to Change Your Online Name for the PSN

PlayStation Network (PSN) is the Sony PlayStation 3's online system. In this system, players can send messages to each other, share pictures and play games online. You must choose a name for your account, but you can change it whenever you want under your account information, which is accessible fro

The Best Way to Glue Metal to Fabric

When it comes to gluing metal or faux gems to fabric, you have an array of options. While more than one type of glue can do the job, you should consider the durability that you need. Also consider the specific items you're using.

How to Make Magnetic Paper Dolls

While paper dolls are traditionally made from paper or tag board and have their clothes attached via folded tabs, magnetic paper dolls take the same concept and create a toy that's easier to use and likely to last longer. You can also use magnetic dolls as a novelty that anyone in the household can

How to Make Replicas of Medieval Knights

The medieval era conjures up images of knights, castles and chivalry. It is a period of history that still fascinates us today. You can bring a little of that history into your home by creating a replica of a knight. Making a knight requires some patience and time on your part as you craft the piece

How to Make Styrofoam Beams

Wooden beams create uniqueness and personality in any room. Purchasing and installing wooden beams can be a costly adventure that often include large installation fees. Many homes may even be subject to some remodeling prior to the beam installation. Faux wood beams are a cheap alternative to wooden

How to Make a Mosaic Image Out of Seashells

The art of mosaics, making pictures or designs from small objects, dates back thousands of years, but mosaics are still popular with artists today. Even complete beginners can enjoy creating simple and eye catching mosaics.They are often associated with broken pottery, but can be made from almost an

How to Make Your Own CGI Short Film

A CGI short film is a short movie made entirely on a computer using animation software. You can create your own short CGI animations and upload them to video sharing websites, add them to your portfolio or attempt to sell them for profit. Unlike the early days of computer animation, it is no longer

How to Create a "Welcome to Las Vegas" Sign

The "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, which was created in 1959, according, is an iconic landmark that is synonymous with sin city. This iconic sign that stands on Las Vegas Boulevard welcomes visitors to the vibrant desert city and images of the colorful illuminated sign adorn tourism publicat

How to Make a Teddy Bear Cereal Box Valentine's Day Craft

Kids love Valentines Day. They wait in anticipation of the paper valentines that they receive from their school friends. Many teachers have the children in the class create a bag or box in which to collect their classmates' Valentine cards. Young children will enjoy making their own Teddy Bear Valen

How to Knit a Blanket With a Straight Knit Stitch

Learning to knit involves mastering a combination of techniques, from casting on to binding off and everything in between. In order to knit a blanket, however, you do not need to master every knitting technique; knowing how to do a simple, straight knit stitch is enough to knit your way to a blanket

Types of Crushed Rock

Crushed rock has many uses.granite gravel image by JoLin from Fotolia.comAll types of construction require a foundation. Even roads and trails need something beneath them to balance them and hold them up. Generally, contractors use crushed rock and stone to make these stable foundations....

Technique for Making soap at home

The usefulness of soap cannot be avoided in your daily life. Making soap at home can be really interesting. It even boosts your confidence to become self dependent. This again influences you as a huma