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How to Sync Corvette Navigation With an HTC Touch Pro2

Corvette's have always been a top contender in the lineup of sports cars. In the 2011 model year, the Corvette has Bluetooth connectivity, meaning the driver can stream the Bluetooth from a HTC Touch Pro2 with the audio system of the car in order to make and receive phone calls, hands free, without

What's the Best Mac Music Creation Application?

Do you have a favorite music creation application? One you use to release your inner Mozart, Bruce Springsteen, or Lady Gaga, as the case may be?Let us know by nominating your favorite application for the Best Mac Music Creation Application in the Reader's Choice Awards 2010.

Apple Adds Low-Cost iMac to Lineup

Apple's newest addition to the small iMac lineup is a single model whose main goal was to reduce the entry-level cost of a 21.5-inch iMac by $200. While the price is indeed low for an iMac, it is really only an iMac by its looks. It's specs are much closer to a MacBook Air with a slow hard

How Can I Use Fring on iPhone 2.1?

Fring for iPhone is a chat application that supports both text-based chat services and VOIP (voice over IP) chat. The application is available for free on Apple's iPhone App Store and includes the ability to interact with a variety of services. Using Fring, you can chat with friends on AIM, Google

Equalizer Settings for an iPhone

While you can't set customer user settings, the iPhone does have an equalizer built-in. There are 22 different preset equalizer settings, including various music types, spoken word, and treble and bass effects. The EQ in the iPhone applies to sound played through the iPhone and doesn't affect the so

How to Completely Reset an iPod Nano for Sale

Apple releases updated versions of iPods on a nearly annual basis, sometimes sooner. If your device suddenly goes from new to obsolete, you can prepare the device for resale in order to recoup some money to buy the latest model. For this purpose, Apple allows you to restore your iPod to the original

How to Download Movies for the iPhone 3G

The iTunes program allows desktop users to manage their media libraries and download content from the iTunes online store. With the iTunes mobile app that comes standard on iPhones and the iPod Touch, you can download movies directly to your device. Purchasing and downloading movies to your iPhone i

How to Sync Music to an iPod Through Windows Media Player

The iPod is a popular portable media storing and playing device that relies on the accompanying iTunes application to sync music, video and images. If your songs are stored in the Windows Media Player program, you will need to convert them to iTunes in order for the music to sync properly with your

How to Fix an iPod Shuffle That Won't Turn On

The iPod Shuffle is the smallest member of Apple's line of MP3 players. During the device's lifetime, you may find that the iPod freezes or seems to not turn on anymore. Since the iPod Shuffle does not have a display attached to it, you cannot be notified of any device errors. However, there are sev

How to Return an iPhone App

You may want to return a recently purchased iPhone application because you accidentally bought an iPhone app when you meant to buy an iPad app, the iPhone app does not function as described or you simply purchased the app by accident. Although the iTunes Store sales policy states that all sales are

Types of Media on Windows Mobile

Several media options are available for Windows Mobile on mobile image by from Fotolia.comWindows Mobile was created by Microsoft as a way to have Windows applications such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and Outlook available on mobile devices....

How to Put CD Music on an iPod Nano

If you have your favorite songs (or audiobooks) on a CD, and are worried that you'll have to purchase them again from iTunes to transfer them to your iPod Nano, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. It is possible and quite simple to transfer your audio files,as well as video files and pict

How to Open iStudyToGo

iStudyToGo is a PC application that allows you to create and transfer flash cards and other study materials to your iPod for studying on the go. The application utilizes the "Notes" functionality on the iPod for viewing text documents. Opening iStudyToGo on your iPod is a matter of first installing

How do I Add Pics to an iPod?

Adding photos to your iPod touch or iPod classic allows you to always have your most recent pics ready to show off to family and friends. Storing your favorite pictures on your iPod also frees up some of the space you use in your wallet or purse to store pictures. You can share photos on your iPod w

How to Listen to Your iPod in the Car

The Apple iPod is wonderful because you can take your music collection with you wherever you go. One place you deffinitely want to be able to listen to your iPod is in the car. You can do this with the help of a car adapter, but you need to know the two best car adapters for use with iPods, which o

How to Turn a Text Message Screen Off on an iPhone

By default, every time you receive a text message on your iPhone device, the device displays a preview screen of the text message. This lack of privacy bothers many users, so with the release of iOS 3.0, Apple included the ability to disable this feature, giving users the ability to turn off the tex

How to Send Photos Via Text on the iPhone

Despite the iPhone's popularity, until late 2009 it did not offer MMS (multimeda messaging service)---much to the chagrin of its many owners. Luckily, Apple eventually began to offer the feature on many of its iPhones. Owners of 3G and later iPhones can now send picture and video messages. Best of a

How to Upload iPhone Photos Onto the Computer

The Apple iPhone has a built-in camera and is capable of storing hundreds of self-captured images on its built-in hard drive. Many users, however, want the ability to upload the images onto a computer for use elsewhere (such as with a video project or through email). Thankfully, the upload process i

iPod Nano 3rd Generation Won't Turn on Unless Plugged Into a Computer

Released in 2007, the 4GB or 8GB third-generation iPod Nano allows you to play videos and music wherever you go. If the device only works when you connect it to your computer using a USB cable, however, it does little to meet your mobile entertainment needs. Some troubleshooting may help solve this

How to Install a Virtual Keyboard on a Palm Pre

Although the Palm Pre, available on the Sprint network, and Palm Pre Plus, on Verizon and AT&T, have slide-out physical keyboards, users may want to use a virtual keyboard on the touch screen while the slider is closed. This can be accomplished through applications designed to run on WebOS, the oper