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Chores And Children

Most of us had to do chores when we were growing up. In today's society, however, parents are drifted away from this practice. Chores are imperative as a source to teach your child responsibility, time management, and organization. These are all skills that your child will need as he grows into

Ways For Teens To Make Money

Okay, so you are a teenager and you want to make some money for change and you don't want to work at McDonalds for eight dollars an hour.No problem, because I am going to show you some quick cash methods without resorting to a job such as mowing the neighborhoods lawn or babysitting (because th

The Power of the Number One - Don't Do Fraction Math Without It

What is there to the power of the number one? What is there to the power of any number? For some people numbers cause them anxiety. For most, fractions put real terror in their heart. Unfortunately, this fear has nothing to do numbers, but everything to do with how we were taught elementary school m

Electric Scooters - A Great Gift For Kids And Adults

Scooters have been around for years, but the relatively recent craze for electric scooters has made them extremely commonplace. Walk around any large city and you will probably see adults in suits sco

Breast Milk Storage Bags - What You Must Know Before Buying

Transporting and storing breast milk is essential to the health of nursing newborn infants and young children. Mother's milk is important because it carries immune properties that protect the baby, also preventing bacteria from growing while it is in storage. This places breast milk storage bag

Keyboard Games for Kids - Is It Necessary?

There are many keyboard games available in the market which all has the same objective in mind - to help children type faster on the keyboard. However, parents should note that this type of games only help their children with their speed on the type pad. Therefore, the children should ideally alread

Collecting Toy Fire Trucks

As youngsters, our toy fire trucks opened up a world of daring adventure, perilous rescue missions and heroic deeds. Now they serve as reminders of some of our fondest memories.

Why Do Teens Have a Bad Attitude? How to deal with it

Teens more than anyone else in our society are stereotyped to have a bad attitude (though to be fair to them, consider the adult population and their attitude). The question is, why are teens prone to

Fabulous Toys and Games For the 21st Century

Now we are well into the 21st century, the Toys and Games that are readily available have combined the beauty of our traditional toys with the technology of today. Gone are the days where all that is available is plastic toys or very expensive wooden toys.

What Is Cyber Bullying and What Are the Effects?

Despite what many may believe, bullying isn't just done face-to-face. In fact, the increased development of social networking sites online has increased the risk of bullying online. When bullying takes places over the internet, it is referred to as cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is also conside

Christian Boot Camps For Troubled Kids

Christian boot camps are like most boot camps for teens except that they have Christian-centered programs. Teenage boot camps like this may be ideal but there are many factors parents should need to c

Lessons Learned From Children: The Value of a Working Mom

Sometimes the most meaningful moment as a parent comes in the middle of another conversation, has little to nothing to do with the topic at hand and is uncharacteristically transparent. Looking back on the moment you wish there had been a bright shining light calling your attention it so you could t

Summer Entertainment For the Middle School Child

Within just a few short weeks, school will be out, and your kids will be free for the summer. It has been my experience as both a parent and a public school teacher, that they are excited at first, but soon get bored. Middle school children are at a unique in-between stage of life, so you may wonder

Space-Saving Stackable Cots

All kids need to rest after performing some activities. This is the time when they can be rejuvenated. Provide them with stackable cots so you wouldn't have to worry about space.

Help -My Preteen-Teenager is Driving Me Nuts!

Do you feel like someone has abducted your sweet, innocent child and replaced them with a monster? Are you confused that somehow you have gone from knowing everything as a parent, to knowing absolutely nothing? Welcome to being a parent of a preteen/teenager.

5 Activities to Do With Your Children Before the School Year Ends

Right before the end of the school year, many things start happening for both parents and their children. The end of the school-year is met with big projects, exams and preparing for the year to come. The summer is a great time to step away from the hectic schedules and reconnect as a family. Here a

The Top Five Teenage Gifts

Teenagers are a real problem to buy for, whether it is for a birthday celebration or a Christmas gift.Here are some suggestions.