Local SEO Trends - Yellow Pages Are Dead!

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Local SEO is quickly becoming the trend of the internet this year.
The large search engines are trying to make the changes and the SEO companies and consultants are increasingly trying to help out small business get a better presence on the web with good reason.
More and more people are using cell phones and their computers to find local businesses.
The big advantages to this over the yellow pages are the social reviews, more information, and quicker results.
Understandably, the internet will replace the yellow pages.
You can find the entire white and yellow pages online already.
AT&T is starting to drop their database of names and businesses and not even put them into their yellow pages anymore.
So, if you are a business still paying for advertising each year for your yellow pages ad, I would recommend spending that money on the internet.
There is just so much more bang for your buck today online.
88% of people search the internet for local businesses today.
Local SEO is the way of the future.
Google is making searches come up with more local results including the local business results and Google Maps.
The other major search engines are doing the same.
It won't be long until it becomes the only way to find businesses.
This is where local SEO strategies help businesses to get noticed.
The businesses that take advantage of the internet today before others will have a huge advantage for the next five years.
Businesses that don't get online and market correctly can be missing out on a huge profit margin of the cheap cost to be online over the rate of return.
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