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Now is a great time to plan a change in your home. And a great way to transform your house is to install a wooden floor. A wooden floor will change the way you feel about your surroundings and make you fall back in love with your house.

We are all feeling a bit down at the moment with all the financial worries and the lack of certainty about the future. It would be great to be able to change our lifestyles, move house and be able to take a lovely holiday but the current economic crisis is really hitting us hard and making us all feel a bit depressed. Whats more it has been really rubbish weather and there is no hint of spring to cheer us up. So why not make a change to your home that will not only rejuvenate your surroundings but will also add value to your property so that should you be able to sell and move into a palace you will get a great deal on it.

Installing a wooden floor doesnt sound like something that will change your life but you will be surprised at the effect that it can have on your life.

There are lots of different types of wood floor to choose from. They have different colours and types of wood and different constructions.

In the pas a wooden floor was seen as passe and something that was not modern and trendy but as we have all become more and more environmentally conscious a wooden floor is actually a more sustainable option than other types of floor coverings which could be made from hydrocarbons or other nasty carbon based products. The wood that is grown to make wooden floors comes from sustainable forests, mainly in Scandinavia. This destroys the myth that by buying a wooden floor you are contributing to global deforestation. This is not true. Finland and Sweden are covered in sustainable forests and it is this resource that is used in the manufacture of wood flooring so in fact it is a much more environmentally friendly option than buying a carpet.

Wooden floors are also great for a health reason too. They are much less likely to collect dust and encourage dust mites so if you or your family suffer from allergies you could find that by installing a wooden floor you are alleviating that problem and creating a more healthy environment for you all to live in.

Now is a great time to invest in a wooden floor so why not find out some more about them and look at how they can transform your home. For more information go to TimberLand.
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