Who Is Responsible, the Business or the Subcontractor?

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Personal injury can be characterized by more than blood and guts.
Injury and harm can take the form of negligence or carelessness.
When someone else's negligence or carelessness cause harm in any way, including mental distress, you may be looking at a case that has merit in a court of law.
A story that exemplifies careless injurious behavior is that of a restaurant owner who hired (contracted) with some people to clean built-up grease out of the kitchen exhaust fan in his restaurant.
When the "subcontractors" arrived to perform the work they brought some dogs with them that were not kept on a leash.
As an eighty-year-old woman was coming down the front steps of the restaurant the dogs ran up to "greet" her.
At that point the woman was knocked down by the dogs which resulted in her sustaining broken ribs and related trauma.
She consulted with an attorney who assured her that she had a solid case and that the people responsible for the dogs, including the restaurant owner who had failed to monitor his hires, should pay for her medical care and recuperation, including reimbursement of lost wages and expenses incurred by her daughter who missed work to provide care for her.
This sounds like it should be an open and shut case, right? But it wasn't, because the woman never filed a claim against the restaurateur or his "contractors.
" Why? Because she feared criticism and potential reprisals from her small and tight knit community of friends and neighbors.
Her overriding concern was that if a favorite local restaurant was forced to go out of business because of her lawsuit, the woman and her family would be blamed for it.
Never mind the fact she was an elderly woman who experienced injuries and trauma, had to spend weeks recuperating, and needed family to care for her all because of the negligence of the restaurant owner and his contractors.
Personal injury attorneys are familiar with this type of case and the outcomes they can produce.
We may smile and nod our heads in agreement knowing that our own grandmother would feel the same way about litigation.
However, the restaurateur and his subcontractors were free to continue their irresponsible business practices without penalty.
Sometimes our choices affect others in ways we cannot predict.
In other words, sometimes it is not all about us.
The elderly woman felt that she was responsible for herself and that holding someone else responsible for her injuries and suffering was not acceptable to her way of living or the standards of the community.
However, the opposite argument could be made as well - that she had a responsibility to her community to make a statement about her accident and the negligence of the people who caused it.
How a person decides to deal with personal injury is up to them, but the party responsible for causing harm and injury through negligence or willful disregard for existing laws and ordinances can and should be held accountable.
If you are injured due to the negligence of another you have the right to pursue any and every avenue of compensation the law provides you.
Most businesses carry insurance in order to provide for clientele in the event of an accident or injury.
It is the obligation of the business owner to conduct his business in a manner safe and responsible for his employees and clients.
If a person is injured and a lawsuit is pursued which causes a commercial enterprise to go out of business it is not the fault of the injured party; it is the fault of the owner for not taking fair and reasonable steps to protect the company and customers.
If you are injured due to someone else's negligence you should seek the assistance of an attorney as soon as possible.
With the aid of a competent and experienced attorney the situation can be thoroughly examined and a course of action determined to ensure you receive the compensation required for your injuries and related expenses.
If contacting an attorney makes you feel guilty consider the possible harm other people may experience because these people were not held to account for their poor decisions.
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